muvee Device Solutions Group made the world's first video editing app for the Nokia 7610 in 2004. Since then our video apps have been installed on over 250M phones by Nokia, LG, HTC and Samsung.

We think mobile movie making in the cloud underwhelms and dulls the creation experience on a modern smartphone. The increase in processing power on a phone today has outweighed the advantages of faster video rendering in the cloud when you consider the time taken to upload HD videos captured on the phone. Uploading whether on 4G or cable is asynchronous by design; the uplink is narrower than the downlink. That's a critical choking point when you are talking about HD videos.

"HD Videos are like pet elephants. When you need to stitch them up, you bring the vet to the elephant.
Not the other way around!"

Video Wiz

Make awesome HD movies instantly whilst on the move.

Video Wiz uses muvee's patented Automatic Video Editing engine which cuts your videos and photos to the beat of the music. This app is useful for users who need a quick video slideshow movie without wanting to go into the nitty gritty grammar of movie making. Using professionally designed video Styles, users can quickly generate awesome looking movies within moments of capturing the videos. The entire experience is local, and does not require any internet connection. So users can now make a professionally looking movie during their commute. We call these mini movies, muvees!

  • Users can choose any music track, or use their own.

  • Use the entire music track, or trim it within the app.

  • Add personal touches to the movie with digital Stickers, Intertitles and Captions.

  • Trim long videos within the app and only feature whats important.

  • Choose from over 6 exciting Style themes which adds effects and transitions automatically.

  • Supports upto 1080P Full HD Video.

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