Our latest apps on LG Optimus Series available since spring 2011.

Video Wiz

Make awesome movies quickly with Style templates which cut to the beat of any music you choose

What it does Tutorial

Video Editor

Timeline video editor. INSTANT preview of all effects, transitions and 3 audio tracks (Sound Efx, Audio, Music)

What it does Tutorial

muvee is at the cutting edge of software development of multimedia applications for the Android Platform. From the User Interface, to low level DSP implementation of video decoders, muvee is recognized by the world’s top handset manufacturers as the global leader in HD video editing applications. Our applications are pre-installed on the latest award-winning smart phones.

First shipped in Spring 2011 with LG Optimus BIG (LG U+)

First shipped in Summer 2011 with HTC Sensation

2D/3D Video Trimmer

Automatic Video Editing

Timeline Video Editor

SpeedScrubHDTM Thumbnail Generator

Social Photostory for Tablets

2D/3D Video Trimmer

Camcorder/Gallery Video Trimming

Most handheld videos need simple trimming to remove the beginning and ending shaky segments, and the odd "head in lens" moments when someone walks in front of a rolling camera. Now with CODEN, users can trim away top-tail, or middle video segments in a matter of seconds.

Supports MPEG4, H264 Baseline, up to 1080P resolution and 3D.

Video is trimmed and joined within the compressed format, hence no quality loss, no transcoding. Extremely low heap memory and CPU requirements. (< 4MB Heap Memory for 1080p).

Application size < 4MB

Most handheld videos need simple trimming to remove the initial and ending shaky segments, and the odd "head in lens" moments when someone walks in front of a rolling camera.

Now with CODEN, users can trim away top-tail, or middle video segments in a matter of seconds within the Compressed Domain.

  • No transcoding
  • No quality loss
  • Extremely low heap memory and CPU requirements (< 4MB heap memory for 1080P)
  • Supports MPEG4 and H264 Baseline (upto 1080P)
  • Application size < 4MB
  • Supports both 2D and 3D Video source

Performance (Nexus One 1Ghz)

Superfast HD Video Trimming

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Automatic Video Editing

Automatic Style-based video creation is a genre that muvee created back in 1999. Today we are recognized as the pioneer and leader of fast, creative video making. Using our patented Artistic Intelligence Engine, we create graphs to optimally balance the mix of videos and photos and cut them to the beat of the music, adding in effects and transitions, often exercising the GPU and using OpenGL ES transforms, to create a very professional looking video that defies even expert video editing professionals.

We have successfully encoded the "editing grammar" of professionals into the system so that users can focus on telling their story, and leave the visual and technical wizardry to us. We then utilize the power of modern GPU computing to create stunning movie-shows that can move you in more ways than one…from dancing to tears!

We have over 20 patents granted/pending in this space and over 30 Styles are available to automatically enhance movies and slideshows from scrapbooks to extreme sports videos.

We have been developing Symbian, Feature phone and early Windows Mobile versions since 2004.

The Android version supports up to 1080P video, with the first release on the LG Optimus Big in Korea and the LG Spectrum 4G LTE on the Verizon Network in the US.

Product demo of Smart Video Editor

LG’s Ad on the Spectrum 4G LTE

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Timeline Video Editor

We believe sending large video files to the cloud to be edited is dumb. Today's smart phones have over 10,000 times the amount of compute power than the world's first space shuttle; it just needs smart software to unlock all that value for video editing.
With today's larger screens, we are able to build user experiences that empowers users to manually edit their own short film even whilst riding the subway in New York!

muvee's HD Video Editor is a scrollable timeline editor with a growing list of transitions and effects that users can include in their movies.


  • Instant full screen preview. No pre-rendering time needed
  • Supports 3 Audio Tracks: Sound EFX, Audio, Music.
  • Tell your story with Titles, Credits and Captions.
  • Add embellishments called "Stickers" to your videos.
  • Uses hardware support decoding and rendering, enabling super fast video creation with no need to use bandwidth.

Talk to us to discuss how you can integrate Video Editor into your product plans.

Video Editor Tutorial

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Speed ScrubHDTM Thumbnail Generator

Our extremely fast HD video thumbnail generator has been used by our customers to enable a radically more intuitive and quick-response user interface for navigating HD videos.

This ADK can be licensed to be integrated into the native Android Gallery experience, enabling your users to slide their fingers across a screen to scrub through long HD video files and quickly view exactly what each scene entails.

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Social Photostory for Tablets

Social Photostory

Why display a desktop full of tiny icons when you are not using your tablet? We believe that beautiful screen can be put to better use: to view photos from the user, and the user’s social networks.

muvee Social Photostory will explore photos in your social networks or local folders. It supports Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

It comes in two modes:

Reminisce Mode: Presents older photos.

Update Mode: Presents photos uploaded in the last 2 weeks. Keep up to date on what your friends have been up to.

It also includes real time weather and time display. Ready to ship - supports Android 2.1 and above tablets.

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Feature phones are value-driven. However, a unique user experience and entertaining features are still vital components in this hyper-competitive space.

We work alongside device manufacturers in the feature phone markets to closely understand and iteratively customize our solutions to their needs and device environment.

Automatic Video Editing



Automatic Video Editing

muvee invented automatic music video creation for the PC in 2000. Since 2004, DSG has been putting this patented technology into cameras (Nikon), Feature Phones (LG) and Smart Phones (Samsung, Nokia).

Fusing art and mathematics, muvee’s Artistic Intelligence™ engine automatically creates professional-looking movies that we call "muvees". Using advanced signal processing techniques, input video and photos are analyzed automatically for scene boundaries, human faces and other proprietary metrics. Chosen music tracks are analyzed for the beats of the music, and the Emotional Index™ of the song. Users can choose one of several editing Styles and a muvee is automatically generated along with beautiful effects and transitions all synced to the beat and emotional contours of the music.  Editing Style templates are authored by actual professional film producers and a rich library is currently available.

This patented technology is now available to Device Makers as an Application Development Kit (ANSI C) along with the corresponding Video Renderers, Codecs and GUI abstraction layers for application development for each device maker’s proprietary environments and chipsets.

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Now that camera-phones are able to record video, users will always need a simple and fast way to manipulate and enhance those videos.

DSG has the complete embedded software solution to accomplish all the basic editing functions that users will require to create their personal movies, all without having to use a PC.

The suite of libraries include compressed domain video cut and join functions, thumbnail extraction, video encoders, decoders and file writers.

Video – Audio Features

Voice Over: Users can record a narrative over the audio track. The user can choose to blend in voice and audio or replace an entire audio track with narration.

Track Replace: User can replace audio with a chosen music track from their library.

Video – Overlay Features

Image Overlay: Users can choose a logo or avatar to overlay throughout the duration of the muvee.

Text Overlay: Users may add Opening Titles, Captions and Closing Credits to each muvee.

Video – Variable Playback

Fast Motion / Slow Motion: Using advanced frame iterative methods, we can interpolate pixels to create a smooth slow-motion playback or drop frames to achieve a fast-motion playback speed.

Frame Grab: Users can choose any frame in the muvee and export as a JPEG.

Video Wrap: Users can "clean up" a video by applying an elegant yet subtle fade in and out at the beginning and end of the muvee. The user is also able to remove initial record click movements by incorporating a trim function.

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The muvee Imaging Suite is an Application stack that is ready for deployment and can be adapted to the GUI scheme of the handset.

The muvee Imaging Suite includes:

File Management: Save | Save-as | Undo-Redo | Clear all.

Manipulation: Resize | Rotate | Flip Vertical | Flip Horizontal | Crop | Zoom-in | Zoom-out.

Adjustments: Adjust Brightness | Adjust Contrast |.

Effects: Black and White | Sepia toned | Negative | Blur| Sharpen | Soft Focus | Color Mixer | Color Replacement.

Fun Tools: Face Warp | Insert Face in template | Clip Art overlay | Frames and Borders | Text and Text clip overlay.

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