How to edit GoPro videos

GoPro cameras have become increasingly popular for taking video of everything from surfing and biking, to inside of alligators. The camera records in MPEG4 (.MP4) files using H.264 compression to create HD output files.

It can be very challenging to edit GoPro files because of their size - since most people switch on a camera and then go and do an activity such as bike down a mountain or skydiving, GoPro video tends to be quite long, and the length combined with HD capture makes the files almost impossibly large to edit.

Use an HD video trimmer to edit GoPro video

Use an HD video trimmer to edit GoPro video

You'll need an HD video trimmer to edit GoPro MP4 output files. muvee's Turbo Video Trimmer (TVC) features fast trimming, cutting and clipping of multiple HD video clips - Turbo Video Cutter intended to be a super-fast HD MP4 trimmer.

How to edit GoPro with Turbo Video Cutter

On a Windows computer, it's very easy to capture static (non-moving) images of your computer screen:

  • 1.

    Download Turbo Video Cutter and open it.

  • 2.

    Locate the GoPro video you want to edit and import it into Turbo Video Cutter.

  • 3.

    Mark the segment you want, cut the clip, and hit share.

It's as simple as that.

That scene is quickly cut in its original resolution and can then be uploaded to Facebook or Youtube directly. Turbo Video Cutter also allows users to choose from multiple HD clips, even if they are overlapping.

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