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February 21, 2014

muvee Brings Multimedia Editing Tools to Developers and Customers with the Release of muvee Advanced Multimedia SDK (mAMS)

mAMS is first app development kit to drastically cut down video app creation time

muvee Device Solutions Group [DSG], the global leader in video editing applications for mobile devices, today announced the release of the muvee Advanced Multimedia SDK (mAMS) to enable customers, partners and developers to create video applications with video, text, and audio support.

mAMS eliminates the big hurdles of developers having to learn the intricacies of multimedia frameworks, third party libraries like OpenGL, OpenCV, OpenMax. mAMS also abstracts the compatibility issues with different combinations of CPU application processor chipsets and  GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit). mAMS significantly shortens the development time for any video application that requires the creation and encoding of a video file. Such applications typically take up significant resources and time to develop, test and deploy with any scale across multiple devices using different chipsets, screens and OS versions. With mAMS, an average development team will take as little as 6 days to integrate the SDK and create their first proof of concept on one device, and just 6 weeks to full delivery. This enables teams to conduct quick prototyping of fresh new concepts and drastically reduce time to market.  This is an important strategic advantage in an industry where platforms are fragmented, product cycles are severely shortened and yet a superior software experience is an important differentiator.

“The fragmentation in the Android space is well known. Video is a magical medium that entertains, excites and connects more emotionally than any medium. But it’s a beast to deal with. We intend to change that. We have condensed over 10 years of mobile video editing software development into a single massive SDK to empower new experiences from ideas of tomorrow, for the devices of today. mAMS will create a tsunami of innovative video creation applications,” says Terence Swee, Founder & CEO of muvee Technologies.

mAMS comes with high level APIs for all the utilitarian tasks of trimming, stitching video clips, animating text titles and captions, mixing in background music and other sound effects. The final rendering, file creation and compression of the edit decisions are all handled by mAMS with a few simple API calls. The SDK includes support for cloud integration for pulling down input media, and also uploading to share. One major component of this SDK is muvee's proprietary CODEN (Compressed Domain Engine) which uses a proprietary technique to manipulate videos within its compressed form, without having to decode and re-encode them. This results in zero quality loss and lightning-fast processing which does not tax the CPU or GPU, resulting in tiny power consumption.  CODEN supports trimming, joining, mixing of music tracks and even creates slow motion sequences out of video captured in any framerate. A full featured stack of advanced OpenGL 3D transitions, effects, filters, text animation, video cropping, and even advanced utilities in Audio such as noise suppression, multi-track mixing, audio ducking are included.  

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About muvee

muvee's Device Solutions Group is the pioneer video innovator behind the world’s first mobile video editing software (Nokia, 2004) and the world’s first embedded video application in a Digital Camera (Nikon S-series Pictmotion, 2005). muvee's patented and proven technologies have been globally recognized and shipped on over 250 million devices by leading players in the mobile and imaging industry (HTC, LG, Nikon, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson). All these technologies are delivered to handset OEMs, social networks and partners as an SDK or complete application and some are available in Android app stores globally. muvee continues to push the state of the art in video on mobile and empowers magical video experiences on any device.