Supported input formats
Music MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV
Supported output formats
Recommended system requirements
Memory 1GB RAM (Save in High Definition: 2GB RAM)
Video Memory 128MB (Save in High Definition: 256MB & above)
Video Drivers Must support Open GL 1.4
Operating system Mac OS X 10.6.6 and later
Supported language
*Mac OS and the Apple logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Kinetic Style Preview
Cube Twist Style Preview
Tribute Style Preview
Foreign Cinema Style Preview
Lifebook Style Preview

Last winter I started capturing my son's basketball games on film and turning them into muvees. My son, and his teammates (and the coaches) have really loved it (and now they EXPECT it). There are over 50 sports muvees on my blog... and summer season starts on Saturday. I'm excited to get some new material *Ü* Thanks muvee!

Jennifer Westra Blackham - Facebook fan and mother of 3, Utah

10 years of muvee making

We’re finally introducing our first Mac product after 10 years in PC, 7 years in Mobile and over 20 patents under our belt!

Award-winning automatic editing features

Artistic Intelligence features: Face detection with magicSpot, Ken Burns effects, and photos cut to the beat of the music

Add emotion to your movies with music

Hand-picked music to match each Style, music-trimming in just a few clicks; instant Pacing control included

Styles perfect for every occasion

We’ve created Styles with transitions and effects to match any theme. 5 Styles included to give your slideshow that professional touch

Preview, then share in a click

Preview instantly in full-screen then share your movies on YouTube or Facebook, or invite only for private viewing

10 Years of muvee-making

For the past 10 years muvee has been creating automatic movie making software and applications for the PC. Due to an overwhelming demand from users and fans, we created our first slideshow software for Mac in 2011. In just 3 steps turn your photos in to gorgeous slideshows. More features to come!

Award-winning automatic editing features

Our patented Artistic Intelligence engine automatically finds faces and points of interest in your photos and highlights them to produce an emotionally engaging experience. We call this feature magicSpot. We also analyze the music track and automatically sync your photo-movies perfectly to the beat and emotions of the music you choose.

Add emotion to your movies with music

We have hand-picked music to match each of our 5 included Styles. You can choose your own music from your iTunes library and even use multiple tracks. Our music trimming tool allows you to string choruses together or just trim the end.
All tracks will cross-fade beautifully and automatically. Smart Pacing control lets you throttle your slideshow while maintaining music sync, so you always get a professional touch.

Styles perfect for every occasion

Our muvee Styles take care of putting in the professional effects, transitions and all the fine subtle techniques that film experts use. From Weddings and Vacations, to a night out on the town, or snowboarding with friends, you will find a Style to give your story that professional treatment.

Preview, then share in a click

Preview in full-screen resolution then save and share in a click. muvee's slideshow software for Mac will prepare the final video file to share on your iPad/iPhone or save to iDVD. It will also launch iTunes and populate your Movies tab so that the next time you connect your iOS device, it will automatically sync your movie with the device.

muvee Styles instantly turn your photos in to awesome movies. Styles feature our patented Artistic Intelligence engine which magically syncs your photoslideshow to the rhythm of the music. Watch your photos dance to the right mix of effects, transitions, background treatments. Make anything from rockstar music videos to romantic wedding slideshows.

Kinetic stylePreview style


Get moving!

This high-energy style is great for sports videos, a day at the skate park, or an action-filled night out with friends. Let the awesome effects and transitions highlight the best moments, or even that massive fall. Surfs up!

Cube Twist stylePreview style

Cube Twist

Life Expressed in 6 Dimensions!

Watch your muvee bounce to the beat with this awesome Style. You’ll feel like your photos and videos are coming right out of the screen. This Style wil react to any music you choose but pump up the bass and watch it really move. No 3D glasses needed.

Tribute stylePreview style


Remember the good times. Cherish the memories. Celebrate life.

Do you have someone to remember and celebrate? This sentimental Style is perfect for honoring those we love and those we have lost. Black and white photos and videos go best with the built in backgrounds of ripple effects and single flowers. Get the Kleenex ready.

Foreign Cinema stylePreview style

Foreign Cinema

Lights, camera, glamour!
Old world cinematic charm.

We love this Style for vacation photos and videos! Take those great moments and add in the sophistication of the transitions and subtle scratched film effects and everyone around you will be jealous of your trip. Time to go book that flight!

Lifebook stylePreview style


Choose a background, tell your story.

Flip through memories with this scrapbook-like Style. Watch the pages turn and the words appear lightly in the background as if they were in an old journal. This Style is great for everyday muvees or special events. This is one journal you won’t want to hide!