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Ten years ago we brought automatic video editing to the masses. Since then we’ve created automatic video editing software, services and applications. With so many opportunities to bring muvee to the masses, our engineers are constantly working on projects for a large range of devices and platforms. Some of those products have been experiments and some we’ve quietly released to the public. We are now giving you access to all of these “passion” projects for FREE! Go ahead and download and test them out for yourselves. We won’t offer support for these products but we invite you to enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

muveeMix Facebook Application

muvee Mix uses muvee’s award-winning automatic video editing engine to create an awesome video with 25 of your best Facebook album photos then syncs it to the beat of the music. Simply choose the album you want to use, select one of 5 muvee Styles with effects and transitions built in, and one of our hand-picked songs that match the energy of the Styles. You can even add text slides to help tell your story. Preview your muvee and even rearrange your photos. Then simply press PLAY and let muvee work its magic. Share your awesome video directly on your Facebook wall.

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muvee Social PhotoStory App for Android

Keep up to date with your friends’ and family’s photos and your own Twitter feed right from your Android handset or tablet with muvee’s Social photoStory app. Never miss out on what’s going on through an interactive slideshow of picture updates! Say you’ve been out of town, or work has kept you from your daily Facebook check-in. You’re feeling slightly out of the loop so you open muvee Social photoStory. Select the Update mode to view photos from the last week. You have the option to select photos from personal Facebook albums, friends’ albums, and Flickr.

Discover pics you may have missed or go even further back and check out past vacation photos by simply selecting the Reminisce mode to show past photos, including your oldest albums. Add some music and view comments you may have missed. Information is pulled from photos (when available) including comments, likes and photo locations. Music can be added from your Android device and played during the live slideshow. A real-time Twitter feed, as well as the date and time, are displayed within the moving background.

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muveeStar Styles

muvee partnered with Warner Music to bring you mashups of our own content with music videos from some of our favorite artists and movies! From Madonna to Dirty Dancing, we've taken the classics and added in our own photos and videos. After all, who doesn't want to star in their own music video?! We've opened up the vault and have now made these videos available for your viewing pleasure.

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muvee Style Authoring

Love muvee Styles? Wish you could create your own? Well we've opened our Style code and even give you tips and tools on how to tweak existing Styles or create your very own. Learn how muvee Reveal's Styles are packaged, how to access and change stock graphics that come with existing Styles, how to add new behavior, how to derive your own styles from ours ... and much more! Our Community also offers forum dedicated to muvee Style authoring. Share muvee Styles you have created, learn from other users, ask any questions you may have!

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