Video Takes Your Garage Band to YouTube Sensation

How to Make Music Videos That Go Viral Without The Cost

"My friends and I started a band. We are actually pretty good and play at a few local spots. However, we haven’t gotten to the place where it will pay the bills. How can we increase our visibility?"

muvee Reveal Finale gives you the option to quickly and easily create music videos. Add your own music and video clips, select a Style that reflects your band’s own, add in personalization features that include movie-style opening trailers and ending credits. Upload to YouTube and Facebook in a click. Make sure to get your friends to share the video and get it to make its way around the Internet!

Here is how muvee Reveal Finale works

muvee Reveal GUI

"We don’t have the equipment or the funds to produce an MTV-type video. How can we easily create one without the time-suck of learning a program and the hassle?"

Did you know some of the most viral videos have been shot with just a phone?? No special camera equipment required. Here is an example of some music videos shot on an iPhone that went viral.

Even LeAnn Rimes has a music video that was shot completely with an iPhone 5.

Here is a music video we created with muvee Reveal Finale to give you an idea of what we can do for you!

"Different songs have different vibes and feeling. How do we ensure that each of our videos has a different feeling if we have to shoot them in the same location due to budget? Can we easily upload them to muvee Reveal?"

One click upload to Faceook an YouTube, etc.

Styles are the root of our software. From sentimental to rock, we have a Style that will fit the tempo and theme to match your song. We also have patented technology that syncs your video to the beat of the music. How you ask? Check this out: Other bands have even had success with shooting their video in one take. It looks like it would need a lot of practice but check this music video out. It was shot in Brooklyn and has over 122 million views.

Now go have a Jam Session and keep the cameras running!

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