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home and business

Tell Amazing Stories Through Video. We took what professional video editors spend hours doing and created a patented automatic video editing software that does all the hard work for you.

muvee Reveal 11

Customize and Create Video Automagically

Added Control and Customization Features

Cinematic Title, Collaborative Editing, Photo Enhancement


  Download mR11

muvee Reveal 11 Business Pack

Award-winning movie making software for small businesses

Comes with over 2000+ licensed music tracks

Get customers by including logos and messages overlays


  Download mR11 Business
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action cam junkies

Essential tools for every GoPro lover/ Sports Video Enthusiast/Video Hero

Turbo Video Cutter

Create multiple clips from lengthy video in a few clicks

Turbo Fast. No Decoding. No Quality Loss.

Post and brag on Youtube and Facebook instantly


  Download TVC


Turbo Video Stabilizer

Remove shakes, jitters and jellos from your Gopro videos

Rolling shutter correction, video stabilization and rotate video

Supports all popular camcorder formats


  Download TVS
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mobile apps

Since 2004, we made apps only for handset makers like Nokia, LG, Samsung and HTC. Now the most advanced video editing apps for Android are available here.

muvee ReAction

Multiple Speed Ramp Profiles. No Transcoding. Amazing quality and speed. No more ghosting, artifacts or blurry videos.


Download ReAction

muvee ReTrim

Free. No-Ads. No Transcoding. Instant Result. Works for GoPro Videos.


Download ReTrim


muvee Action Studio

Full featured editor, with Auto, Manual and Fast Modes.Split, Trim, Cut and Join multiple video clips. Add Transitions, Filters, Overlays, Titles and Captions.


Download Action Studio

muvee ReFrame

Zoom, Crop or Reframe your video shots. Feature someone,even if its moving. Create tight shots in cinema.


Download ReFrame




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who we are and what we do

At muvee, we believe that movie making should be close to effortless. This is what inspired us to launch our very first automatic movie making software, called autoProducer. Since then, we have been granted 25 patents and have also put in over 100 person-years of perfecting our technology, just for you.


muveeā€™s Artistic Intelligence engine analyzes your photos, videos and music in order to automagically create awesome movies. Choose from various Styles and within moments, be ready to share your bespoke movie that is flawlessly synced to music and laced with cinematic quality effects.


Founded by a group of musicians and photographers back in 2001, muvee partners with brands like Hewlett-Packard, Seagate, Sony, Olympus, Nikon and Nokia.


Go on.. Make your first muvee today!

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