OS Support:
Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Video Format Support:
H.264, MP4
Tested to work with videos taken by GoPro Hero, Hero2, Hero3, Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15
CPU Requirements:
Please note that viewing HD video requires enough memory resources and processor speed. If your computer can view GoPro videos, then it will run Turbo Video Cutter.
muvee Turbo Video Cutter
Easy to Use! Easy to Use!

Trim your videos in 3 easy steps. Load your video, set your In and Out points and hit 'create clip'.

A GoPro User’s Dream A GoPro User’s Dream

15 minutes on the ski lift for a 2 minute wowza double black diamond shred? Cut and Share that 2 minutes in 2 seconds!

Super Fast, Zero Quality Loss Super Fast, Zero Quality Loss

Transcoding and decoding? Life's too short to wait for that!

Multiple Clips? No Problem! Multiple Clips? No Problem!

More than one awesome moment in your clip? Keep ‘em all with this video cutter!

Works with muvee Reveal Works with muvee Reveal

Put clips into muvee Reveal, choose a music track, and it will automatically sync your clips to the beat of the music.

Easy To Use - 3 Easy Steps

1. Load your source video
2. Find the start and end points for your clip
3. Hit "create clip"

Upload them to Facebook, YouTube, or muveeCloud - or send them to muvee Reveal to combine them with Styles, music, and titles / captions to make a professional looking video.

3 Easy Steps

A GoPro User’s Dream - "Is the red light on?"

So you just shredded down a double black diamond, or dominated the waves of the North Shore. And you've got it all down on your GoPro camera.

But you only want to share parts of that video. After all, nobody really wants to see your face in the lens saying "did I hit record?"

Is the red light on?

Super Fast - Zero Quality Loss

We took technology from our Mobile Phone Division to enable blazing fast video cutting on PC. We call this CODEN: Compressed Domain Editing Engine. Borrowing ideas from minimally invasive heart surgery, muvee engineers created algorithms to surgically go in to compressed HD video and cut the scene you want. What does this really mean? Turbo Fast. No Decoding. No Quality Loss.

Pristine HD quality as you have captured it.

Zero Quality Loss

Multiple Clips? - Do it all at once

We know more than one exciting scene can occur in a video. Most other video trimming tools make you choose just one, we let you keep them all, even if they overlap.

After all, life comes with multiple hero moments!

Do it all at once

Works with muvee Reveal - Automatically sync clips to your music

Launch muvee Reveal, the secret tool GoPro users have been using to make videos of their GoPro footage. Just choose music and an editing Style, and Reveal will automatically sync those video clips you just created to the beat of the music.

Save your perfect highlight reel into any format, upload to share, or burn a DVD.

Sync clips to your music automatically

All Turbo Video products enable direct upload to your favorite online sharing platforms!

Share your videos to Facebook, YouTube and muvee Cloud.

Share your videos to Facebook, YouTube and muvee Cloud.

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