OS Support:
Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Video Format Support:
H.264, MP4
Tested to work with videos taken by GoPro Hero, Hero2, Hero3, Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15
CPU Requirements:
Please note that viewing HD video requires enough memory resources and processor speed. If your computer can view GoPro videos, then it will run Turbo Video Stabilizer.
muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer
3D Stabilization 3D Stabilization

Most stabilizers only move in 2 directions.
We measure 6 degrees of motion on 3 axes.

Rolling Shutter Correction Rolling Shutter Correction

Fix the slants and tilts in fast moving videos caused by CMOS sensors.

Rotate Video Rotate Video

Mount your camera in all challenging conditions then rotate your video later.

Multi HD Video Format Support Multi HD Video Format Support

From VGA to 4K, shoot in any format, stabilize and save to other formats.

Multi-Core support Multi-Core Support

Super fast analysis and rendering of stabilized video.

3 Axes, 6 Degrees of Motion

Most stabilizers only move in 2 directions. We measure all 6 degrees of motion. Afterall, when you are zipping downhill on your knobblies, your GoPro cameras are going to be moving in every way!

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Rolling Shutter Correction

Most camcorders use CMOS sensors, which take in light in a series of louvered "slits". So when you are zipping through town in your convertible, the skyscrapers suddenly slant diagonally in your video. That's a rolling shutter effect.

Rotate Video

Mounted your GoPro camera upside down and forgot to switch modes? Shot video on your iPhone vertically? We added one great tiny little feature: Video Rotate. Because we've all been there.

Multi HD Video Format Support

Turbo Video Stabilizer supports all popular camcorder formats. So whether it's your dad's old Sony Handycam, Mom's iPhone, or your rad new GoPro HERO3 Black Edition shooting in full 4K Cine... We've got you stabilized. Shoot in any format, and stabilize to industry standard H264 for online sharing.

Multi-Core Support

Video stabilization in 3 axes, 6 degrees of motion is mathematical hell for the computer. That’s why we built in multi-core and multi-threaded support so it does not bog you down. We will run as fast as your PC allows, carefully stabilizing your precious video, pixel by pixel, frame by frame.

All Turbo Video products enable direct upload to your favorite online sharing platforms!

Share your videos to Facebook, YouTube and muvee Cloud.

Share your videos to Facebook, YouTube and muvee Cloud.

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