Automagic Video Editing Software

muvee Reveal Finale

Make stories come alive in 3 steps.
Turn your photos and videos into a beautifully crafted movie.

muvee Reveal Finale

Customize and Create Video Automagically

Added Control and Customization Features

Cinematic Title, Collaborative Editing, Photo Enhancement

Easily Export your Clips to YouTube and Facebook

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muvee Reveal Finale Business

Learn how businesses are using muvee Reveal Business to engage, communicate and sell to their customers.

Coffee Bandits




Wild Play Element Parks


Vintage Biplane Rides


Piccino Cafe


Inform and Connect: Place logos and message ticker tapes in one-click

Comes with over 2000+ licensed music tracks

Award-winning movie making software for small businesses

40+ Customizable Style templates adds pizzazz to your video

Engage customers with video now!
Videos for Business

Action Cam Software

Essential tools for every GoPro Action Cam Hero and… enthusiastic new dads.

Turbo Video Stabilizer

The most advanced 3-Axes Video Stabilization engine in its class. Remove shakes, jitter and jellos from your Action Cam videos like how the professionals do.

Supports all popular camcorder formats.

Rolling shutter correction, video stabilization and rotate video.

Remove shakes, jitters and jellos from your Gopro videos.


Stabilize shaky videos automatically.
Stabilize my Videos

Turbo Video Cutter

Turn your long HD footage into manageable clips that everyone will want to watch. This trimmer is a must-have to capture those perfect moments. Highlight your segment, mark it, and trim it down immediately.

Create multiple clips from lengthy video in a few clicks.

Turbo Fast. No Decoding. No Quality Loss.

Post and brag on Youtube and Facebook instantly.


Trim and Cut GoPro videos instantly.
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Let Video Move You.

watch the muvee Reveal Film.

Mobile Apps

Since 2004, we have been licensing our mobile apps directly to premium phone makers like LG, Samsung, HTC and Alcatel.
Now the most advanced mobile video editing apps on the planet are available directly to you!

muvee for Android

Most Powerful Video Editor on the Market. Full featured editor, with Auto, Manual and Fast Modes.

Split, trim, cut and join multiple video clips. Add transitions, filters, overlays, titles and captions.

Mix in music, crop videos and create slow motion sequences.

Remove all the unwanted stuff around you and focus only on a tight shot of what you want!

Choose a window size and focus on your subject and even follow it as it changes position.

Preview your results instantly!

Features amazing speed profiles for Hollywood quality dramatic action sequences!

No ghosting. No artifacts. No blurry videos.

One FREE profile, multiple for in-app purchase.

Cut video clips quickly with zero quality loss and no transcoding.

FREE! No Ads!

muvee for iOS

A new and improved version of ReAction that includes brand new features and additional Speed Profiles. Professionally designed fast and slow motion Speed Profiles to use for multiple speed segments, crisp quality and zero transcoding.

FAST and EASY. Must-have app for every GoPro Action Cam and Drone user. Edit like a Pro on the Go. Create fully customized, professional-looking music-video MV on any iOS device. Add slomo and fastmo segments, elegant transitions and most importantly, gorgeous title and caption sequences.

Who we are and What we do

We are a bunch of musicians, photographers, action cam heros and geeks.
We believe crafting beautiful videos should be as simple as capturing them.

At muvee, we believe that movie making should be close to effortless. This is what inspired us to launch our very first automatic movie making software, autoProducer.

Since we begun, we have been granted 25 patents and have also put in over 100 person-years of perfecting our technology just for you.

muvee’s Artistic Intelligence engine analyzes your photos, videos and music to automagically create awesome movies.

Choose from various Styles and within moments, be ready to share you bespoke movie that is flawlessly synced to music and laced with cinematic quality effects.