About muvee

muvee is the pioneer and global leader in automatic video editing. muvee’s patented technology revolutionizes home video production, enabling anyone to automatically turn digital video and pictures into professional-quality productions in hundreds of different styles. Users need no prior experience working with video and each production is created in a fraction of the time that it would normally take using conventional video editing tools. muvee’s products are available on the Cloud, PC+Mac and Mobile phones.

muvee’s global partners include Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, DELL, Warner Music Group, Sony, Nikon, Samsung, LG and Olympus.

We employ nearly 60 staff across our offices in Singapore (HQ), San Francisco, Tokyo and Seoul. Half of our team in Singapore comes from 15 different nationalities.

muvee invented automatic video editing was back in 2000 and spun off from Kent Ridge Digital Labs in 2002 when we raised our first round of funding from the then Temasek Capital.

Since then, we have gone through many ups and downs, survived two dotcom crashes, SARS, the global financial crisis and innumerable smaller hiccups (oh, the new word around town is “pivot”?) Our competitors, customers and partners have come and gone, consolidated, or totally folded in that time. You can say we have our battle scars, and we have definitely learnt a lot.

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