About BASE @ muvee

Because of muvee’s journey and successes, our founder and CEO, Terence Swee, is often asked to mentor other younger budding entrepreneurs and startups both in Singapore and elsewhere. But running a global company in a fast moving space is a 110% job. So we thought there must be a better way to impart the lessons without a draining time commitment. With that, the idea of BASE was hatched in 2007. We believe a different type of “mentorship” can be useful for some startups, and yet not require so much of Terence’s time (which is obviously in short supply). Terence also believes he does not have all the answers. muvee’s successes and smart navigation around the trials and tribulations of running a business, are the results of many big and micro decisions made by a unique group of talented and creative people that muvee has employed over the years.

Within muvee, a BASE entrepreneur will find knowledge, expertise and experience in almost all possible areas to do with starting, running and growing a tech startup globally from Singapore. From cloud architecture and memory management on mobile chipsets to international taxation and labor laws in Korea, you will find someone who can give you advice or point you in the right direction.

List of Entrepreneurs BASE @ Ayer Rajah Crescent


Lumatic provides landmark and photo driven navigation software for mobile devices. Lumatic makes the mobile experience more human, starting with location. Six of the seven billion people on the planet have never used a streetmap.

Entrepreneurs: Zach KOzick, Ivan Galic and Lance Quejada
EiR duration: 25th January 2013 to 29th August 2013

nFlick Pte Ltd

nFlick Pte Ltd has developed and offers a revolutionary mobile application that serves as an Intelligent Attractions/City Guide for tourist and busy business travelers, powered by its next-generation Semantic Recommendation Engine.

The app takes into account the operating hours of the various places of interest, the current location of the tourist or business traveler, the distance that the tourist need to travel to the various attractions, the time and cost of commuting and reviews of the various attractions.

Entrepreneurs: Zach KOzick, Ivan Galic and Lance Quejada
Entrepreneurs: Nishant Kumar Johri, Santosh Kumar Roui and Sathik Basha
EiR duration: 1st Apr 2013 to 28th January 2014

Prototype Asia

Prototype Asia, a company on the forefront of 3D printing, started out as a film providing software prototypes and solutions in 2010. Prototype Asia’s business model is one of the first few in the 3D printing industry to have succeeded.

Entrepreneurs: Guillaume De Lazzer and Benoit Valin
EiR duration: 1st July 2013 to 24th September 2014


Solutions for real estate.

Entrepreneurs: Heinz-Peter Faust
EiR duration: 28th October 2013 to 26th December 2013

Basilo Labs

Basilo Labs is a Singapore based Startup around Mobile Video Technologies and U.G.M.V.A. (User Generated Mobile Video Advertisement). Founded together with BFBZ Investments & Kathrein Ventures Basilo Labs is working on a new standard for user-generated mobile video content that brings modern technology marketing to a new level.

Entrepreneurs: Ali Kurtze
EiR duration: 29th November 2013 to 27th June 2014


The Japanese tech startup is an online marketplace that allows tourists to discover and book unique experiences offered by locals in Asia. The team of six started their idea at Open Network Lab.

Entrepreneurs: Tushar Khandelwal, Amanda And and Ren Jean Chong
EiR duration: 29th January 2014 to 13 March 2014

Oval Fields

Lomotif is an automated video editing app that allows users to easily transform random moments captured on their device into beautiful and cohesive video “trailers”, edited to the latest billboard hits, for sharing or for keepsakes. Part music-discovery and part social video platform, Lomotif is all about making video editing and sharing part of a new mobile lifestyle, by making it as absurdly simple as updating a Facebook status or sending a tweet.

Entrepreneur: Paul Yang Zhiwen
EiR duration: 9th June 2014 to

JF2 Pte Ltd

F2 (pronounced J-F-Squared) is an early stage startup studio that nurtures greenfield ideas to change the world. Unlike traditional accelerators or incubators, it will unearth great startups from the idea stage, provide seed funding, help organic growth, and lead to a flourishing exit.

Entrepreneurs: John Fearon and Gwen Ooi
EiR duration: 15th August 2014 to

List of Entrepreneurs BASE @ BOC Plaza

Remarkable Innovation Pte Ltd

Remarkable Innovation Pte Ltd is a unique company that performs technical due diligence on behalf of institutional investors. It offers investigative expertise combined with unparalleled technical knowledge, empowering investors to make well-informed, successful investments.

Entrepreneurs: De Mark Reilly
EiR duration: 11th June 2007 to 24th Sept 2009

Conversion Hub Holdings Pte Ltd

Transforming online portals into business catalysts and improve conversion results.

Entrepreneurs: Joel Fu Jijin and Eugene Sim Wei Sheng
EiR duration: 29th Oct 2007 to 30th Dec 2011

Sonoport (Asia) Pte Ltd

Sonoport (Asia) Pte Ltd is a Singapore based provider of sound technology to revolutionize the interactive experience across mass-market digital applications including mobile apps, ads, web and smart displays, across all platforms. Digital applications powdered by Sonoport feature a richer experience leading to greater user engagement and significantly higher ROI for app developers, marketers and advertisers.

Entrepreneurs: Axel Fredrik Brostrom and Daniel Fredrik Brostrom
EiR duration: 13th Aug 2008 to 1st Dec 2008

Plunify Pte Ltd

Plunify provides a cloud computing application platform for semiconductor chip design. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Singapore, Plunify is seed-funded by Spring Singapore. Plunify: “PLatform unify” links infinite compute resources with software tools, IP and target devices together so that FPGA engineers can bring exciting products to life as quickly as possible.

Entrepreneurs: Kirvy Teo Wei Sion & Ng Harn Hua
EiR duration: 4th Jan 2010 to 31st Jan 2011

Chumby Industries, Inc.

chumby industries, based in San Diego, California, is a software company that works with consumer electronics OEMs to bring a rich and personalized internet experience to a multitude of connected products, ranging from devices as simple as clock radios to high-definition televisions.

Entrepreneurs: Andrew “bunnie” Huang, Sean, Torin, Senthil & Bram
EiR duration: 9th Feb 2011 to 10th May 2011

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