BASE 2.0

When we move to Blk 71, we will upgrade our BASE program to include additional activities to support the Blk71 community and the larger entrepreneurial community in Singapore. We want to be a responsible and useful corporate citizen of Blk 71. The below activities are envisioned. As we settle in, we will no doubt adjust and fine tune these ideas as we get feedback from the community.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Frequent talks/seminars/sharing sessions on hot topics. No, these will not be for local politics (or the lack thereof).

These topics will range from technical subjects like configuration management, and memory management in embedded systems, to business issues like negotiation, setting up an office in the Bay Area, etc.

Ad-Hoc Meet and Pitch

As we are an operating company with global customer including HTC and LG, we often have senior members of business partners visiting our HQ in Singapore. We hope to be able to host dinners/networking/coffee sessions if the opportunity arises for some of our local startups to get in front of these executives.

Silicon Valley Safari

Once a year, our CEO (who has been based in San Francisco half the year for the past 4 years) will offer to bring local startups to meet with some companies or executives in the Bay Area. Of course the startups participating will cover their own travel expenses. This is not a government business mission, or a wine tasting expedition. Only serious startups with highly-curated agendas and real products need apply. We will likely time these trips to coincide with major trade events like CES or Google IO, etc.

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