3 Basic Principles

Base @ muvee is founded on 3 very simple principles:

1. You do not work for us, and we do not work for you

While you will be given unfettered access to all muvee facilities and staff, you cannot ask our designer to create your logo, and Terence will not ask you to make coffee for him. Of course, we will be very happy to be sounding boards for your ideas, designs, pitches etc.

2. muvee cannot invest in you

This may seem counter-intuitive to most mentorship models where the mentor has “skin in the game”. We are not a typical incubator. We are doing this purely to ensure that the hard lessons we have learned are not wasted, that some others may not make the same mistakes as us. We want to see you do well, and we too want muvee to also do well.

Of course we strive to be the next Facebook or Google, but we also want to contribute to making sure that if it’s not muvee it’s one of our friends here in Singapore. But let’s face it, the statistical odds are against you. Some of you will fail. And that’s all right. We want to make sure that you did not fail because of mistakes that you could have avoided. Also, we are executives and employees of muvee, and hence our first loyalty is to our shareholders, customers and investors. Not to you. So we will always prioritize our time for muvee first. Hence any form of investment by us in your startup will be a conflict of interest. We will be very happy to introduce you to our investor networks, but we will NOT personally invest in you. Period.

3. No IP sharing

We believe most ideas are crap, cheap and easy to come by. It’s hard to pinpoint who owns a particular idea or who was the first to come up with it. At muvee, you will find an open environment where we openly share ideas and muse aloud about all the “what ifs…” and “imagine if we coulds…”. So if we shared an idea that’s relevant to your business over coffee, in our diner, you own 100% of it. Vice-Versa, life’s too short to figure out IP co-sharing schemes.

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