muvee Device Solutions Group made the world’s first video editing app for the Nokia 7610 in 2004.
Since then, our video apps have been installed in over 250M phones by Nokia, LG, HTC and Samsung.

Automatic Video Editing

muvee invented automatic music video creation for the PC in 2000. Since 2004, DSG has been putting this patented technology into cameras (Nikon), Feature Phones (LG) and Smart Phones (Samsung, Nokia).

Fusing art and mathematics, muvee’s Artistic Intelligence™ engine automatically creates professional-looking movies that we call “muvees”. Using advanced signal processing techniques, input video and photos are automatically analyzed for scene boundaries, human faces and other proprietary metrics. Chosen music tracks are analyzed for the main beats and the Emotional Index™ of the song. Users can choose one of several editing Styles and a muvee is automatically generated along with beautiful effects and transitions, all synced to the beat and emotional contours of the music. Editing Style templates are authored by actual professional film producers and a rich library is currently available.

This patented technology is now available to Device Makers as an Application Development Kit (ANSI C) along with the corresponding Video Renderers, Codecs and GUI abstraction layers for the application development of each device maker’s proprietary environments and chipsets.

Automatic Video Editing


Today, most feature and Smartphones can RECORD & PLAY videos. Until recently, it was deemed impossible to EDIT videos in lo-mid range feature phones. In higher end Smartphones, although there is more memory and processor power, videos are captured in 720P, hence the pixels involved are growing exponentially faster than CPU power.

However, consumers want to do MORE with the video that they have captured on the phone. Taking ideas from heart surgery, muvee engineers created new methods to surgically manipulate video files WITHOUT having to decompress them.

CODEN Compressed Domain Editing Ngine
Basic editing: TRIM/JOIN/REPLACE AUDIO features
Low heap memory requirements
Low CPU requirements
MTK Friendly



Back in 2005, muvee worked closely with Nikon to put our patented muvee creation engine into the Nikon Coolpix S5 camera. We transformed the humble camera from a Capturing Device to a “Sharing” device. This meant that users could quickly create a montage of the videos and photos that they shot, and instantly make a professional looking music video within the camera firmware, and in real time display on the large 3 inch LCD screen on the back of the camera.

DSG is able to provide the Application Development Kit (ANSI C) or work closely with the Device Maker’s firmware team to integrate or even develop the entire application. We recommend also incorporating the PC application as a “buddy” to the firmware, so that we can push the heavy lifting to the PC.

PC ROM Installer

Home videos are boring to watch unless edited. To reduce the cost of including a CD-ROM, we are able to work with your team to integrate installers of our PC Software into your devices.

To date, we have worked with Pure Digital Technologies (makers of The Flip camera), Creative Technologies’ VADO and Seagate’s FreeAgent external hard drives. All these devices have two things in common: they contain memory space and they hold memories in the form of media. muvee takes that media and packages it into something professional and slick for more a enjoyable viewing.

The following target devices are well suited for this method of integration:

  • Digital Photo Frames
  • USB Camcorders
  • Budget Digital Cameras
  • External hard drives
  • Portable Media Players

  • PC/MAC

    Our Device Partners usually take a “complete-package” approach to their customers’ User Experience for each device. To achieve the full experience and maximize enjoyment, sometimes videos and photos need to be enhanced with a more powerful software that runs on the PC.

    For more information about our award winning PC Applications, visit www.muvee.com where consumers are able to download free trials and purchase our PC products.

    For OEMS:

    We are able to customize our PC applications upon request. Our partners may also prefer to start from our SDK and then build out their own applications for tight integration with their devices with proprietary APIs. The muvee SDK comprises all the essential components for OEM partners to create their own software, which incorporates all the major elements of our suite of patented technologies.

    muvee PC/Mac

    Some of our customers:



    Using our SDK, partners benefit from over 13 years of R&D, protectable IP, access to creative technologies in the pipeline and a rich library of editing Style templates. We are also the pioneer and leader in automatic video production software and hold the key patents in this space since 1999.

    Contact us for more details.

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