Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, here are some FAQs:

Q. What type of entrepreneurs is muvee willing to host?

Smart, dynamic, driven entrepreneurs with an ambition to create value in mobile multimedia, interactive or digital media fields are where our expertise lies. This is where we can probably be of most value to you. If you want to make vacuum cleaners, then we wish you well but we are probably not a good fit to host you, as we don’t have too much expertise in that area! (and that’s a sucky idea anyway. Pun intended. 🙂

Q. What will muvee provide to the budding entrepreneurs that are selected?

You will get workspace in our NEW campus in Blk 71 (expected availability around end of 2012), use of our facilities such as meeting rooms, internet connectivity, WiFi, and (most importantly.)informal access to our staff for advice, sharing of contacts, introductions, and general creative interaction! We have a first rate team of people who cover the spectrum of technology, web, design, media creativity, legal, finance, HR, process, business strategy, sales, marketing and product strategy.

Our products ship globally with major customers including HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, HP, Nikon, Olympus and dozens of others. Our people can give good advice and may even be able to give you contacts to, or insights in to, what works and what doesn’t as you plan your business.

Most importantly, you get a fly-on-the-wall ringside seat to experience first hand how a real company works.

How long can an entrepreneur be hosted at BASE at muvee scheme?

As we want to make sure you move on, and “graduate”, we will review each team every 6 months. There is no fixed time limit, but you will usually know when its time to move on. (If you don’t, you should go work for IBM, not a start-up company.)

Will muvee charge any fees or rent?

We expect this to be in the low hundreds. You sharing some space in our facility, plugging into the internet, borrowing a meeting room, or drinking coffee in our diner will cost us very little. And the advice we might be able to offer to you – well you probably couldn’t afford that even if we were willing to put a price on it! But we also believe charging a fee instills urgency and fiscal responsibility. We will charge a nominal fee depending on the stage of your venture.

Q. Will muvee expect me to do any work for them during my time on the BASE @ muvee?

We hope to get to meet, and interact with, smart and driven entrepreneurs who will further invigorate the vibrant culture we already have around muvee. BASE @ muvee will also offer members of our team opportunities to mentor and advise which will further help to increase and hone their skills, especially when they have the chance to apply those skills to help entrepreneurs crack problems in unfamiliar fields. Additionally, we hope that one day we will be able to proudly say that we have had a small hand in helping some very successful ventures at their formative stage. Lastly, we also believe this is a very long-tail talent pipeline. The people we accept into BASE will be the smartest, most passionate people in the space. For those of you who fail, if the stars align, well, we may have an opening that suits you. So we also see this as a channel to ensure we get to know the best talent Singapore has to offer and, in turn, will get to know us.

Q. What about confidentiality?

muvee has a very open and creative environment, and we’re constantly generating, sharing and talking about new ideas around the office. We don’t want to alter or inhibit this dynamic so we’ll ask you to sign the same non-disclosure agreement that all of our staff, contractors and interns sign. That way you can be part of the buzz without us having to worry about our innovations and ideas leaking out. In the outside world we won’t talk about your confidential stuff, and in return we’ll expect you won’t talk about ours.

Q. What is the protocol when I’m based at muvee?

For all practical purposes you’ll have the same privileges as one of our interns: you’ll have a workspace in an open plan environment, 24/7 security access pass to your space (with restricted access to muvee’s main office), internet connection (BYOD), use of our diner and recreation areas (this is where you’ll probably find it easiest to get some face time with our staff!), and when you need a meeting room you can book one through our admin team. You can tell people you are participating in the BASE at muvee initiative – but of course you cannot represent that you are working for muvee or that muvee is endorsing your business proposals or ventures. If we find that you spend your days using up our bandwidth watching YouTube videos and Facebook-ing, we will impolitely ask you to move down to Innov8 to use their (free) Singtel WiFi instead.

Q. How can I participate in the BASE at muvee initiative?

BASE entrepreneurs are typically introduced to us, then we’ll ask you along to visit muvee, and join us for a coffee/beers. We can tell you more about us and you can tell us about yourself and your idea – if we think the chemistry and fit is right – we can then get you onto the BASE plan. We will not judge your idea (though we might offer our 2 cents). We are not VC’s or another business plan competition. If you have the right attitude, and we feel the area you are in is one we can add value to, then that’s where our interests will be piqued.

When you are selected, we’ll get you plugged in and assign a muvee “sponsor” (i.e. your key contact at muvee) and we’ll ask you to sign some confidentiality papers and BASE at muvee papers (don’t’ worry, you won’t need a lawyer for this). Your muvee sponsor is your gateway into muvee – they can meet with you informally and make introductions to other muvoids who will likely give advice to you. They will also act as a sounding board.

Q. So what qualifications does muvee have to mentor me?

Google it yourself. Shame on you for asking.

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