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Superheros wanted!

Why join us?


Every single muvoid is important because what you work on will make people proud or smile, or even cry in tears of joy.


At muvee, the best idea always wins. After all, if you land a job here, you are probably smarter than us, so why wouldn’t we listen?


Half of the team in the Singapore headquarters comes from 12 different countries. With some people in Seoul, Tokyo, Shenzhen and San Francisco.

Perks and Benefits


Best medical insurance in town. You get the same package as the CEO.


Every employee gets the best kit. Whether it’s a Mac or PC. And $200 to buy any iOS or Android device you dig.


15 days with one more day for each year. We know you have mountains you wanna climb.


Every muvoid gets a limited edition muvee hoodie and Sennheiser noise isolation headphones.


24/7 Espresso machine, fresh cut fruits and all kinds of snacks we won’t tell your mom about.


La-z-boy and Massage chairs and even a 6-jet shower cubicle in the office and laundry!


Cab Home Allowance for muvee Pregnant Staff. Get it?


We have every GoPro mounts known to mankind, all kinds of phones and tablets and yes, even a drone! (watch)

Open Positions

We are always looking for smart, interesting people to join us.
So if you are passionate about movie making, software and cameras, ping us anyways!

We will also list below, specific roles we are urgently hiring for.

Snr. Software Engineer in Application Development

Join us to make apps that produce great videos!

You will work on apps for smartphones, action cams, 360 cams and drones. Code you write will get deployed in millions of next generation smartphones. You will get to play with toys that are still in the prototype stage. This is a hands-on and challenging role with an opportunity to build rapid prototypes using our own Multimedia SDK, convert conceptual designs into tangible applications and create software stacks which can be used across multiple applications. You may also work on new algorithm development to solve complex problems.

Most importantly, you will be working with a team of very smart and dedicated software engineers who have been recruited globally into Singapore and are the world’s top talents in video and multimedia related technologies. Half the team comes from 12 different countries. Many in the team have been around for 5-8yrs, so you will work with people who care deeply about their code.

There will be opportunities for occasional travel and global exposure as you may work with engineering teams off-site with our our device partners.


Participate in the entire product lifecycle and own the development effort.
Analyze issues, address performance bottlenecks and create new features for smartphones and camera systems.
Use hardware subsystems and accelerators for real time performance.
Use OpenGL shaders/blend shapes to create visual effects.

Essential Requirements

Not nasty
Strong working knowledge and familiarity with C++ and Java programming
Experience in Android and iOS UI design and application development
Knowledge of Android multimedia framework and iOS AV Framework
Familiarity with multi-threading, memory management and JNI
Not nasty (oh, did we say that already?)

Extra Brownie Points for…

Being a photographer, painter, musician, tattoo artist, pole dancer…
Prior experience in application development for embedded systems/mobile phones
Experience working with both audio and video codecs
Expertise in OpenGL
Knowledge of video and audio rendering
Have your own million download app on either appstores

Android, iOS, Video Editing, Video and Audio, Codecs, Image Processing, OpenGL

Our Office

Come join us in balmy Singapore

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