Our Story

History in the Making


Back in 1999, when MTV really meant Music Television, and artists like Michael Jackson changed the way the world viewed music videos, video editing was done in a dark room.

A year later, a small company in Cupertino would release iMovie and try to sell people on the idea that everyone, yes, even you, can be a Movie Director, and you can edit your own home movies (on a Mac, that is). Home movie making, even with iMovie, was still unattainable unless you were ready to sit down with a manual and teach yourself a new language. We knew there had to be a better, easier way. After all, the Japanese made recording movies easy and inexpensive. For just $10, you could buy a MiniDV Tape and record mind-numbingly boring videos of Kathy and John’s nuptials; the kiss-the-bride moment, the best-man’s speech… and unfortunately, everything in between…all 175 minutes of it.

Around that time

a group of musician-geek-wannabes worked in a government funded institute in sunny Singapore. Some of us analyzed videos while the rest looked into audio and music. More specifically, how to gracefully fuse voice and music together, how to detect beats in music, and how to “understand” the emotional vibes in music, from Madonna to Mahler.

So, we sat around and exchanged notes on what we were doing, and whether or not it was useful to anyone. We realized very quickly that we had the ability to cut videos to the beat of the music automatically. And do it pretty darn well too! We decided the end result was not quite a home movie and not quite a Hollywood blockbuster. So we called it a “MUVEE”; MUsic VEEdeo.


In 2001 MUVEE was thus born, and introduced Instant Personal Videos to the world with the release of muvee autoProducer 1.0. After the success of that, we raised Series A funding, got an office in the downtown art belt of Singapore, and continued to release even more advanced video editing software. Along the way, we picked up several awards and secured more patents in the automatic video editing software space. We even had our software bundled with cameras, PCs and DVD writers from HP, Dell, Medion, Sony, Olympus and many other notable companies globally.

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