Advanced Applications

These apps incorporate many advanced functions, but always with radically simple user interface to make creation fun and intuitive.It often integrates multiple hardware and software components deeply for seamless and smooth performance.

Album Story

AI Powered, Zero-click Photobook maker.

Tap Tap 4-Video Mixer

Tap & Slide between 4 video sources to create multi-screen picture-in-picture video mashups. Zero rendering required

Sony Action Cam App

We designed and built a complete mobile video editor for Sony’s Action Cam series on both iOS and Android with NFC and wifi transfer of timelapse, HD and Slomo videos

Action Studio Android

A powerful timeline video editor for action cam users with many sports related features


Zero click automatic video editing with Social IQ and Artistic Intelligence

Action Studio iOS

Advanced timeline editor for GoPro users featuring import, timelines, motion graphic overlays and elaborate slo-mo and fast-mo controls

Parrot Flight Director by muvee

Creates flight-highlight videos with overlays by analyzing drone telemetry data to find best video segments to use


Split-screen camera recording social video app for iOS which features cloud components, in-camera surfaces and social networking

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