Affiliates Support Page

This page contains additional information for muvee’s affiliates and has two sections:

  1.   Affiliate Targeting Guide
  2.   Affiliate Policy

All muvee affiliates are required to peruse this page carefully before advertising any of muvee’s products.


If you have any further questions regarding muvee’s affiliate program, you can contact our staff at

Affiliate Targeting Guide

What is muvee Reveal?

muvee Reveal is an automatic video-editing software for amateurs. Users just have to drop any number of photos or videos into the program, pick a style template, and the software creates a movie complete with effects, transitions and audio track. muvee’s revolutionary technology automatically zooms, crops, and edits everything together. Users can try muvee Reveal for free for 15 days. The latest version is muvee Reveal 12/Finale.

Features (can be capitalized on in campaigns):

–       Automatic editing. Quick and hassle-free! (Affiliates can and should emphasize how easy using muvee reveal is)

–       Latest technology. muvee Reveal detects where the action is happening then crops and zooms into the most important moments.

–       Easily export your movies to Facebook, Youtube, or email.

–       Fast Photo/Video Montage creator. Need to compile a number of photos or video files? No problem! Upload all of them and muvee Reveal does the job for you!

–       Powerful. muvee Reveal preserves the original quality of photos and videos to be made into movies. Excellent for professional photographers and videographers to craft and showcase their portfolio.

–       30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Risk-Free purchase

–       Windows Desktop only

Product was featured on PCWorld,, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, USAToday, Mashable, and FastCompany

15-day free trial

19 purchasable stylepacks as great add-ons

Targeting Tips

Top Performing Geos:

–       United States

–       Canada

–       Australia

–       United Kingdom

–       France

–       Germany


Top Performing states in the US:

–       California

–       Texas

–       Florida

–       New York

–       Illinois

–       Ohio

–       Pennsylvania

Top Performing Demographics:

–       Conversion rate the same for both males and females

–       Age Group

o   35-44

o   45-54

o   55-64

Current Customer Profiles:

  1.     Action Sports enthusiasts and GoPro Users

These thrill seekers want to capture the best moments of their sporting events in order to share them and get that “Wow!” reaction. Muvee Reveal 12 can cater to them by cutting and editing their high-resolution highlights quickly and automatically for sharing. Some keywords:

  1.     Motion camera stabilizer (provided by Turbo Video Stabilizer, a separate product)
  2.     Easy importing
  3.     Easy sharing of video
  4.     Highlights sensor feature
  5.     Automatic editing and cutting of video
  6.      High definition/resolution, powerful video-editing tools
  7.     Slow motion and speed changes
  8.     Middle-aged soccer moms

These moms who were part of Gen X wants a share in all her children’s achievements and experiences, and wants to document those moments in videos for posterity. She lives her life for her children, is overprotective, and is overburdened with juggling work with housekeeping. The average soccer mom is good but not great with technology, and wants to have a software for easy uploading of videos from video cams for basic editing and then sharing them on their Facebook pages or storing them away. They are susceptible to emotional advertising. Keywords:

  1.     Celebrate your child’s life milestones
  2.     Never miss a moment
  3.     Automatic editing
  4.     Montage creator
  5.     Record for posterity
  6.      Don’t let your child’s youth slip away
  7.     Large audio library for your pick
  8.     “Sports-themed” soundtrack for your athletic son
  9.     The Proud Grandparents

People of this era have similar interests as the middle-aged soccer moms. They want to preserve their memories. They want to partake in the growth and experiences of their grandchildren, while reminiscing about their own childhood. They are not good with technology, and want the video-editing process to be as simple and hassle-free as possible. Extremely susceptible to emotional advertising. Keywords:

  1.     Fading memories
  2.     Cherish life
  3.     Easy and automatic editing. You don’t need any video skills to do it!
  4.     Convert old photos and film into shareable videos
  5.     Easy storage
  6.      Never miss a moment
  7.     Couples/lovebirds

Newly-weds or about to be husbands-and-wives want a simple video-editing software that compiles and blends their best moments together in a nice slideshow. They are tech-savvy but are amateurs in video-editing, and prioritize hassle-free video-sharing on social media or even burning to DVDs. They are also interested in capturing scenes from their sightseeing and touring. Keywords:

  1.     Capture Intimate moments
  2.     Dynamic transitions
  3.     Text effects
  4.     Luxury
  5.     Travel/Vacation
  6.      Loved one/spouse
  7.     Companion
  8.     Romantic getaways
  9.     Funeral and Wedding Companies

Both companies are interested in a basic and quick video-editing software that can put together a video with music really quickly from pictures and slides. A wedding company might be more demanding with the kind of special effects and transitions that is required. Keywords:

  1.     Hassle-free
  2.     Automatic and Quick Video and slideshow montage creator
  3.     Complete with music and effects for the occasion
  4.     Easy exporting into DVDs for distribution
  5.     Local Business Owners

These are small companies that want to market their products and services using copyright and watermark free videos and accompanying music. High quality and definition videos, sounds and pictures are top requirements for them. Keywords:

  1.     Quick and easy
  2.     Don’t need to hire a professional to handle your video needs
  3.     Perfect for marketing and advertising
  4.     Look sharp and professional
  5.     Large audio library to suit whatever you’re marketing
  6.      Affordable
  7.     Fully licensed music
  8.     No watermarks
  9.     Shutterbugs and photographers

These people are serious about their photography, whether it is for a living or just a hobby. If they are interested in a video-editing software, it is probably to highlight and showcase their portfolio. Keywords:

  1.     Reproduce the high quality/resolution of your photos
  2.     Professional photo montage
  3.     Vast audio library for your selection
  4.     Quick and automatic montage creator
  5.     Showcase your portfolio/best works

Affiliate Policy

General Rules:

  1. In general, publishers shall not be permitted to use toolbars, domain parking, traffic redirection, iFrames, pop ups, pop unders and layer advertising materials that load muvee advertising material and place a cookie on the user’s computer without his/her participation. Furthermore, publishers shall not be permitted to use downloadable adware, spyware, forced click (cookie stuffing) or any other malicious strategies to earn unfair commission payouts. Only sales resulting from regular marketing methods on publisher’s website shall be permitted.
  2. Publishers are not allowed to use variations of muvee’s trademarks as part of their domain name, including but not limited to: muvee, mu vee, muvee reveal, reveal finale, reveal stylepacks, muvee stylepacks and muv33.
  3. Publishers are not allowed to sell any of muvee products on online stores or sites related to auction, such as: eBay, Amazon, etc.
  4. Invalid sale leads and refunds after buyer purchase may be charged back to the publisher.
  5. Advertising of muvee’s products on adult, torrent and streaming websites is disallowed.
  6. All rights are reserved by muvee Technologies Pte Ltd. By joining muvee Affiliate program, you have read these terms and conditions, understood and agreed with them.
  7. muvee reserves the right to remove any affiliate and/or withhold commission payouts at their own discretion based on affiliate behavior and compliance with our terms of service.


Product/Content/Price Rules:

  1. Publishers are not allowed to sell any of muvee’s discontinued products; any liabilities result from this will be the sole responsibility of the associate publishers.
  2. Publishers must not exaggerate the functionalities of our products neither in their promotion nor on their own sites.
  3. Publishers should maintain the same price or discount as advertised on the muvee Official website. Publishers are not allowed to offer additional coupons, bonuses or incentives to the customer. Any discounted promotion of muvee’s products by affiliates should be authorized by muvee Technologies Pte Ltd. Commission for Coupon sites are assessed on an individual basis. Publishers should contact us should they wish to roll out any of their own discount or promotion plans.
  4. Enrolled publishers are not allowed to imitate or copy any kinds of content, photo, video, form or style from official muvee webpage or any other affiliate’s webpage. Adjustments shall be made within 48 hours after muvee contacts the affiliate with such violation. Publishers should contact muvee should they require any creatives or promotional materials.
  5. Publishers are not allowed to bid on muvee trademarks and brands as well as misspellings and variations of the muvee brands. All other bidding is allowed. Affiliates shall not pass their web pages and domains off as part of or endorsed by the official muvee site. Publishers should not use “™”, “®”, “©” or “official” in their advertisements. In addition, any custom creatives and squeeze pages must state clearly that it is not the property of or endorsed by muvee Technologies Pte Ltd.


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