Deep Android Expertise

muvee released some of the first video editing Android apps for LG and HTC in the early days of Android.
Fraught with fragmentation and uneven support for multimedia on the Android system, muvee engineers wrote deep-level code to enable some of the most amazing experiences and performance on Android devices.

At the heart of our Android expertise is the Advanced Multimedia SDK (mAMS).
We put over 5 years of Android experience from the early days of Stagefright until today,
into a well documented SDK that enables us and our clients to quickly create new video apps in a matter of weeks.

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Features API

The fast development of Applications and Rapid Prototyping of new ideas and concepts.

Core API

At the feature level, most popular video functions (Trim from Point A to point B) are just a simple line of code.

Hardware Abstraction API

Core API gives developers a deeper level of control, but also a richer palette of functions and control with less code and QA needed.

Platform Integration API

This is the Abstraction Layer which enables developers to quickly deploy different chipsets, version of OpenGL, and hardware flavors.

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