We’ve heard a lot about drones lately on the news. Amazon wants to use drones to quickly deliver packages and the U.S. military uses this technology to bomb targets from afar. While these uses are a bit out of the scope of the average person, there are ways that you too can get in on the drone action. You can use a drone to record sky high video. Don’t limit your video recording capabilities to the land alone; drones can make your videos soar to the next level.

Video Recording Drones: How Do They Work?

If you haven’t had the opportunity to use a video recording drone yet, you might have a few questions about how they work. There are a few models available right now, with similar features and capabilities. Many are controlled using a smartphone or tablet, capturing photos and video while you fly and streaming clips back to your connected mobile device on the ground. One of the most popular right now is the Parrot AR.Drone, a flying quadcopter that can hover, spin, and flip.  These drones are small, relatively affordable and a lot of fun to use.

High Flying Fun- Some Great Examples of Drone Recorded Video

When your camera isn’t tethered to the ground, you can create some amazing videos. Check out these sky high examples of great drone videos.

Surfing and Flying Do Mix

Often when we attend sporting events we watch from the sidelines as the action takes place far away. Drone recorded videos can get up close and in the middle of the action, even while you stand safely out of the way. This video of the US Open of Surfing provides a unique perspective to the action packed event. Their clever use of video editing software showcases all of the excitement going on, helping the viewer feel like they are actually there, experiencing the event themselves.

See the World’s Struggles

Drones also can share the world’s struggles and showcase problems. This video of the protests in Kiev is heartbreaking, but insightful.

Drone Review

How does a video drone work? Are they easy to use? If these videos have you in the drone spirit, this review might answer some of your questions. It’s like a behind the scenes tour for your favorite drone created videos.

Grab your drone and get to work creating amazing video from high above the earth. Our video editing software will help you turn your spectacular raw footage into usable video clips your friends will love.

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