5 hilarious dancing cow videos created using movie making software

Do you know how to dance? If you want to improve your skills or just learn a new move or two, I’ve found the perfect teacher for you: a cow. It turns out that cows are excellent dancers. But, don’t take my word for it; check out these hilarious dancing cow videos created using movie making software.

Dancing Cows on a Farm

Frolicking, clicking their hills and happily hopping about, these cows certainly seem to be living the good life. The music choice is perfect for this video and the footage is top notch. After this video, I kind of want to be a cow.

Tap Dancing Cow

Cows aren’t just limited to freestyle dancing; they are also excellent tap dancers. The computer animation used in this video is excellent. If I didn’t know better, I’d think it was an actual cow in there doing that tapping.

Moo Lake
Dancing cows aren’t limited to video either. This funny comic features two happy ballerina cows doing their rendition of Swan Lake.

Gangnam Style Cows

Even cows got in on the Gangnam style craze. These black and whites from Chick-Fil-A really know their moves. Is there anyone out there that hasn’t made a Gangnam style video? Hilarious!

Happy Birthday Cows

Our final dancing cow video for the day would like to bring you some happy birthday wishes. Close your eyes, wish upon a star and see if all your dreams come true. If not, this funny dancing cow video should at least lift your spirits.

If you dream it, movie making software can create it. What creative idea do you have brewing? Whether it’s dancing cows, singing fish or a yodeling banana, get started making an amazing video of your own.

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