Amazing Halloween Costumes on YouTube

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Whether you’re planning on being a zombie, a sexy nurse or your favorite superhero, we’ve rounded up our favorite Halloween costumes from YouTube.

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Check out some awesome video costumes below and find some frightful inspiration of your own:

Technology Can Be Spooky

What do you get when you combine your iPhone and a plain T-shirt? Easy Halloween costumes that are sure to impress. We love how the simple addition of a creepy moving eye or a beating heart can transform these simple costumes from boring to impressive.

Super Hero Kiddos

Your little ones will be a big hit in a super hero costume. We love the details in each of these costumes and the way these video creators combined simple footage in a video editing program for a stunning video packed with personality.

Pets in Costumes

If you love a dog dressed up as a pony, this video’s for you. This funny PSA from Jimmy Kimmel will have you rolling with laughter and thinking up new ideas for Fido’s costume. Who needs video software discounts when you can make your own internet gold by making your pet the star of their own Halloween muvee?

Candy Costumes

Aren’t these Halloween costumes “sweet”? We love homemade costumes like these adorable cotton candy and ice cream truck ones.

It’s Not Too Late

The party starts in 10 minutes and you still haven’t thought of a costume. Don’t worry; we’ve got costume help for you too. This video features tons of last minute costume ideas that will come together in seconds. You can have a hilarious costume and still make it to the party on time.

Put on your costume, grab your camera and get ready to make a great Halloween muvee this year!

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