Amazing Mashup Videos (Ghostbusters and Gangnam Style!?)

Who doesn’t love a good mashup video?

When you combine the best of two worlds, you get a video that is entertaining, delightful and always action packed.

To help you fill your mashup cravings, we’ve rounded up some amazing mashup videos for your enjoyment. When you’re done enjoying these works of art, see what creations of your own you can create using our video making softwaremuvee Reveal X.

Ghostbusters and Gangnam Style

In this stunning mashup the smooth moves of Gangnam Style combine with classic clips from the movie Ghostbusters. This video keeps you wondering whether you should look for a spooky creature or bust out a killer dance move.

Tom Waits and Cookie Monster

Tom Waits deep crooning voice combines beautifully with Cookie Monster’s video clips in this Sesame Street inspired mashup. It’s rather impressive how well the mouth movements and lyrics completely fuse together in this hilarious clip.

Michael Jackson Mashup

If you love Michael Jackson, you’ll love this amazing mashup; it features more than 30 of his classic songs in just a couple minutes. Sit back, listen for your favorites and take a walk down Michael Jackson memory lane.

Simpsons and Office Mashup

Listen and enjoy this stunning musical mashup played by cellist Jaeyoung Chong. The amazing musical styling is impressive on its own, but when combined with the professional quality video and presentation, this mashup becomes a don’t miss.

Video Game Mashup

It seems like there’s a mashup for everything. This funny mashup is perfect for video game lovers. It features the classic character Sonic the Hedgehog dominating the timeless game PacMan. If only it was always that easy to clear every dot.

Are you feeling inspired yet? Now it’s time to make a mashup of your own. Combine two of your favorite things using the easy to use tools in our video making software, muvee Reveal X.

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