We love how tilt-shift photos and video clips can really come together using video editing programs and transport the viewer to a whole new world.

Sometimes looking at things with a different perspective can really change the way you see the world. When it comes to tilt-shift photography, this certainly holds true.

This photographic technique can be used to make real life appear miniaturized, and many smartphone camera apps such as Instagram offer this handy (and extremely cool) feature.

cool tiltshift photos
(Credit: Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET)


Check out a few of our favorite tilt shift videos and then grab your camera and start making some of your own.

New York City Miniaturized

New York City is known for being larger than life, but in this great YouTube video it looks itty-bitty. With almost a million views, this video proves that a simple change of perspective can turn everyday footage into a popular and profitable YouTube video.

A Tiny Walk Through History

Take a tiny walk through history with this tilt shift video created at a historical museum in England. The rolling green hills and scenic setting make many of the shots seem staged, even though all that was used was a clever photographic technique.

Coachella Tilt Shift

Take a break from a busy day with a tiny escape to Coachella. This tilt shift video brings you all the excitement of the music festival in a tiny format. And with more than 2 million views, you know this video has to be good.

The City of Samba

This tilt shift video is nothing short of magical. Wow!

Disney in Tilt Shift

See all of your favorite Disney Magic Kingdom rides in this stunning tilt shift video. From the excitement of a miniaturized parade to the action packed adventure of riding the rides, you’ll experience it all.

If you love tilt shift, and you know you do, why not try your hand at creating a mini masterpiece of your own. Our video effects software will help you pull all of your shots together to create a professional and edited movie ready to share with the world.

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