Bloggers as video creators

Video can be a great medium for teaching. Viewers can see exactly what you are doing, mirror your techniques and master new skills. These content creators understand the power of great video and use it to take their blogs to the next level. Each of these bloggers has created some stunning video tutorials by combining their expertise, a few video clips and the tools found in a video creator like muvee Reveal X. Check these great videos out and learn a new skill today!


Maangchi is a Korean themed cooking blog with mouthwatering video and recipes that I’d love to try. The beef short rib soup post looks amazing. I love how the blogger uses captions to display additional tips and information not included in the video. This shortens the overall length of the video (making it easier to watch) but still ensures that viewers get all the information they need.

Addicted 2 Salsa

You don’t need expensive dance lessons to learn to salsa; you can learn in your own home with the great video tutorials found on Addicted 2 Salsa. If you’re just starting out check out this post about the basic steps of salsa. More advanced dancers might enjoy something more complex like this video dance lesson of Bollywood Salsa. Head on over to their site and see their many great videos for yourself. In no time at all you’ll be an expert salsa dancer, all thanks to the wonder of video.

Sawdust Girl

Home improvement projects can be intimidating, but often a video tutorial like the great ones found on Sawdust Girl can give you the boost of confidence you need. You’ll find several great tutorials on her site and plenty of project inspiration. This post featuring a video of a gorgeous custom closet will surely get you into do-it-yourself mode.

These bloggers have turned video into a powerful teaching tool. Video tutorials are an excellent way to start integrating video on your website. What could you teach your site visitors? Create a tutorial today and start using the power of video to inspire.

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