Cute, cuddly animal adoption videos.

You don’t have to look alike, or even be the same species, to find someone to love and care about. These cute animal adoption videos will warm your heart and show you one of the cuddly sides of the animal kingdom. We love videos like these, so if you have some footage of your dog taking in a baby bird or of your pet duck cuddling up with a monkey, please share.

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Deer Adopts Kitten

This little kitten needed a mother and this baby deer was ready to take on the task. Watch as the cute deer lovingly cleans this sweet baby kitten. Don’t they make an adorable pair?

Cats Adopts Squirrel

A mother cat found room in her heart for a lonely baby squirrel after it fell from its nest. The little squirrel fits right in with its kitten brothers and sisters. This little squirrel makes itself right at home with its new family and even learns to purr. Too cute!

Dog Adopts Monkey

A dog and a monkey seem like an unlikely pair, but this happy duo make it work. The monkey particularly loves riding around hanging upside down on its adoptive mother’s belly. Our top video editing software program, muvee Reveal X, will help you create professional quality videos like this one in minutes.

Dog Adopts Ducklings

Who said dogs and ducks can’t be friends? In this cute video an adorable black dog finds some feathery friends and they explore the yard together. The video is really cute, but it can be a bit long. This is a perfect example of how video effects software can take great footage and pump it up to the next level.

I told you these adoption videos were adorable. It just goes to show you that love knows no bounds or apparently species.

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