Dogs in Santa Costumes [Funny YouTube videos: Christmas Edition]

Are you an aspiring Video Maker? One way to hone your skills is to mash up dogs + Christmas. It’s a great way to get video views.

You know the holidays are coming when you start seeing dogs in their Santa suits. Whether you think dogs are adorable or disturbing all dressed up, we’re sure you’ll agree these videos are too cute. Grab a mug of hot cocoa and your favorite little pooch and enjoy these Santa themed dog videos with us. After all, what else is a video maker like muvee Reveal for if it isn’t to create festive movies like these?

The Real Santa Clause

Those that think Santa is just a myth are in for a surprise when they see this video. In this cute YouTube video a dog dressed as Santa is discovered lurking under the tree.

Angry Santa

We might think dogs are adorable in Santa suits, but unfortunately they don’t always feel the same way. This poodle is actually quite angry at their new outfit. Is it just me or is the growling adorable?

Singing Santa

If you have a friend with a Christmas birthday, we’ve got just the gift for them. Send them this funny video of a dog in a Santa suit singing Happy Birthday. It’ll be the best free gift they’ve ever received and with all those Christmas presents, do they really need more presents?

Outtake Christmas Photo Slideshow

The outtake photos of these two Westies were combined to create an adorable dancing slideshow. This video is adorable and the idea is priceless. The next time I have a bunch of outtakes (and I often do) I’m going to use muvee’s home video editor to make something similar.

Make a YouTube Video Yourself

Don’t you want to get in on this dog and Santa suit fun? This tutorial will walk you through crocheting a Santa suit for your little dog. Then all you need are some photos and muvee’s video making software to spread holiday cheer of your own.

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