Video creators and video creativity - bleating giraffes and other animal sounds

Dogs bark, cats meow, birds chirp, but what about giraffes? I’m constantly amazed at the things you can learn YouTube video creators and this video is no exception. If you want to know what noise giraffes make, watch this video and find out:

Interestingly adult giraffes rarely make a sound. If you don’t believe the video, check it out the next time you head to the zoo. Odds are you won’t hear a peep even if you watch for hours.

Baby giraffes on the other hand can be quite talkative. One of my favorite parts of this video is listening to the cute squawking sounds the baby giraffe makes. It’s absolutely adorable.

Animals are fascinating and YouTube has no shortage of great animal videos. I love that people take the time to create fascinating and educational videos for others to watch using their video creator and their animal expertise.

While we’re talking about baby giraffes enjoy this video of a calf being born. Wow! That’s quite the fall they take in those first few moments.

If animal sounds are more your thing and you’re wondering what animal sounds other critters make, here’s a great video of farm animal sounds created just for kids.

And if you need an animal themed laugh, we’ve found the solution as well. Enjoy this hilarious video of girl imitating various animals. If you close your eyes you just might think you’re in the zoo or in the very least  hanging out on the farm.

Experts like those that have shared their talents in these YouTube videos teach us a variety of things in a convenient video format. But, aren’t we all experts in something?

What informative videos could you create and share using your knowledge and muvee’s video creator?

By sharing our knowledge we can make the internet a more interesting and informative place for us all.

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