Capturing a "bird buggy" with a video maker

Why fly when you can drive? If this bird buggy takes off, we may soon see our feathered friends cruising down the highway instead of flying through the trees. Take a minute and watch this clever video made using a simple video maker  (like muvee Reveal X) and a talented parrot.

What did you think of this video? I found it incredibly enjoyable. While I’d never purchase my bird a vehicle, I enjoyed watching this clever little invention and this smart parrot at work.

In addition to the vehicle being able to be driven by a parrot, it can also self-drive as evidenced during the autonomous docking mode sequence where the buggy is driven using computer controls.

This video is a tribute to human and parrot genius. The creators of this bird driven vehicle should be proud. It works beautifully and is amazing to see in action. Who would’ve thought that a bird could drive? With the right skills and a little creativity, anything is possible.

The video creator also did amazing work on this production. This video almost has 800,000 views, an impressive feat considering it’s only been online since the beginning of December 2012.

The use of simple captions helps the viewer to understand the many features of the vehicle without distracting from the playful music. Additionally the videography is clean, tasteful and beautifully edited.

Do you have a bit of creative genius lurking within? Make your dreams come true by creating your wonderful idea. Whether you are dreaming of a puppy powered escalator or a tutu that teaches pigs to dance, this video shows that you can make the impossible happen. And once you do be sure to capture it on film. The powerful editing tools in muvee Reveal X make editing easy so you can focus on inventing, dreaming or whatever else you like to do.

What are you going to create?

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