Make a YouTube Videos about Fishing, Find Famee and Fortune

Nothing says summer like a relaxing fishing trip, but if you can’t make it to the lake this weekend you can still enjoy some good old fashioned fishing fun. These fun YouTube fishing videos will make you feel like you’re in on the action even if you’re sitting at home. Of course when you do get time to get out and do some fishing of your own you should return the favor and make a YouTube video of your own. After all can’t we all use a little more fishing fun?

Fishing Bird

Fishing isn’t just for people. Birds can get in on the action too. This clever bird has mastered the art of fishing by using bread for bait and a little patience. I love watching the bird carefully taunt the fish, but my favorite part of all is the moment of success when the bird finally catches its prey. Fishing is fun even when you aren’t catching, but reeling in your catch is always a cherished moment.

Fish vs. Turtle

Do you ever wonder what is happening under your boat? From our view atop the lake life is peaceful and blissful, but under the water it’s a whole different story. This video from National Geographic shows a feisty fish fighting a turtle. Apparently even turtles like a fresh fish dinner.

Fishing Bloopers

If you get through a whole fishing trip without having one blooper-worthy moment you’re doing great. These fishing bloopers will remind you of all the spills, splashes and laughs that a good fishing trip can bring. Enjoy!

Fish Scares Dog

Apparently “Fido” isn’t so excited about his owner’s big catch. This adorable little dog is very afraid of the freshly caught fish. It’s entertaining to watch the dog’s reactions as it investigates and tries to figure out what exactly is going on.

Fishing Fall

This hilarious fishing video is sure to get you laughing. A reporter covering a story about some aggressive carp is startled by their catch and falls over mid-story. The clip is definitely funny on its own, but the dry commentary and humor provided by Anderson Cooper throughout the video is truly the best part.

Are you ready for some summer fishing fun? Make sure you take along your camera and capture some muvee-worthy moments. Once you have great clips we’ll help you create shareable videos you can enjoy all year round.

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