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Crazy things happen when the video camera comes out: slips, falls, trips, you name it. Home video bloopers might hurt a bit when they happen, but the memories they capture are priceless, and hilarious too. Funny video stories like this are always hit in our movie making forum. Get ready to laugh; these videos are a hoot!

Church Fall

This fall looks like it certainly hurts. The woman in the video is at church receiving a blessing when she slips and falls. It might be painful, but it’s certainly funny. We’re certain this blessing will be one she remembers long after the bruise has faded.

Birthday Cake Drop

Happy birthday takes a sad, cakeless turn in this funny home video blooper. Dad is walking in with a beautiful cake when suddenly he hits the ground and the cake goes everywhere. What a delicious looking mess!

Birthday Cake Fire

This next funny clip is also a birthday cake mishap, but this time instead of dropping it, the cake goes up in flames. I’ve never heard “Happy Birthday” being sung quite so quickly.

Dog Eats Wedding Ring

The perfect proposal needs two happy people in love and a ring of course. This crazy dog almost ruined the moment by trying to make the diamond ring it’s midnight snack. Luckily the ring is found and the proposal is saved.

Lady Breaks Trampoline

When you think of trampoline accidents you think of people flying off the sides, not down through the middle. In this funny home video a woman is happily bouncing on the trampoline when it breaks. Ouch!

Some of the best memories come from home video bloopers. Grab your camera and start shooting; you never know when hilarious is going to strike. When you do capture those memories, make sure you immortalize them using a movie maker program. Head on over to our movie making forum and share your favorite funny home video stories today.

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