Get your video camera drama coming right up

Family… the holidays wouldn’t be the same without them. Some years that means fun and other years it means torture. Whether your family is a dream or nightmare, these fun holiday videos will help you gear up for family season. Food fights, pranks and group hugs are coming full speed ahead, just grab your camera and capture the action. Our video editor will turn your holiday clips into priceless memories- good or bad.

Food Fight

When families come together, more often than not a fight breaks out. Sometimes this is an all-out yelling bash and other times a fun food fight. Watch as these loving relatives slam each other with the day’s leftovers. Is a food fight in your holiday future? If so, catch it on camera. As you can see it makes for great video.

Cheering For Your Team

The holiday season means family, but it also means football. Watch as this devoted Grandpa and Jets fan in training cheer during the big game. Football is always better with family.

Thanksgiving Engagement

With a Thanksgiving proposal two families prepare to become one. I see some more Thanksgiving fun and drama in this couple’s future. What a great moment to capture on video. It’s wonderful to share special moments like this with the whole family.

Get ready for some family fun with these great videos. Sooner than you know Grandpa Jim and Uncle Larry will be battling over the remote while Aunt Linda slaves over the stove. The holidays are coming and we can’t wait!

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