Bloggers as video creators

Here at muvee we love all things video. A blog is great, but vlog is better. Video allows you to integrate additional senses into the internet experience. You don’t just read about things; you see them, hear them and feel like you’re in the middle of it. To celebrate our love for vlogs we’ve rounded up a few great ones for you to enjoy. These bloggers take their websites to the next level by using video to their advantage. Enjoy!

It’s a Pop O.D.

Andrea Valeria loves all things pop culture and has created a haven for fellow pop culture addicts on her blog It’s a Pop O.D. This delightful blog features all the latest celebrity news, television highlights and more. Andrea V.’s videos are one of my favorite parts of the site. In one of her recent video contributions she learns to be a rapper in a well-made and hilarious music video.

What the Craft

If you like crafting you’ll love the video tutorial series posted on What the Craft. Online tutorials are great, but I find that it is easier to follow directions when I can see what I supposed to be doing, rather than just reading about it. The tutorial videos are easy to follow and clearly explain each step. Check out this tutorial about sewing stretch fabrics and then head to their website to see what else you can learn.

Glove and Boots

Puppets can always brighten even the darkest of days, so when you need a pick-me-up head over to Glove and Boots for some hilarious puppet-filled comedy. You’ll find everything from pop culture spoofs to music videos and more. This fake infomercial is pure genius. Check it out!

Video can transform a blog from ordinary into extraordinary and is a great way to set your blog apart from the competition. As you can see from the masterpieces these bloggers have created, a great video is just a few shots away.

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