Make a YouTube Video of Celebrity Spoofs

Deep inside I think we’re all a little jealous of celebrities. That’s why we enjoy celebrity spoofs so much. Photoshop a celebrity into a funny picture and it gets funnier. Poke fun of a celebrity in a comedy sketch and watch the laughs roll in. Here are some great celebrity spoofs for your enjoyment. I love it when people make a YouTube video making fun of their favorite celebs.

Rustin Heiber

This funny YouTube video pokes fun at Justin Beiber and his movie Never Say Never. The spoof is spot on. It’s funny whether or not you’ve seen the movie, but you’ll certainly appreciate it more if you’ve seen the film.

Audrey Hepburn Commercial

Even commercials can get in on the spoofing fun. This Mentos commercial featuring a computer-animated Audrey Hepburn spoofs an original commercial for Galaxy Chocolates. With all the computer technology available now even long gone celebrities can sell products and make movie appearances.

Collection of Spoofs

FoxNews created this hilarious celebrity spoof video poking fun at several celebs including Mariah Carey. The newscast feel of the clip makes the fake “news” seem a little more accurate and since celebrities are always doing crazy things, you can’t help but wonder if these stories are true.

Have a good laugh today at the expense of your favorite celebrity.

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