Make a YouTube video, get famous!

To brighten your day and put a smile on your face we’ve rounded up some of the best video memes circulating around social media right now – these folks made a YouTube video and got famous. Watch a few and share your favorites with your friends. After all a good meme deserves to be shared. Enjoy!

Evolution of Moms Dancing

Who says mom can’t dance? In honor of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign Jimmy Fallon created this funny spoof featuring the First Lady. We think this video is hilarious and who knows, you might even learn a few great new dance moves.

Taylor Swift + Goat Mashup

You’ve probably seen the video of a goat that screams like a person circulating around social media lately, but this mashup with a Taylor Swift video takes hilarious to a whole new level.

Pizza Compilation

If you aren’t already in the mood for pizza, this video compilation will surely put your craving over the edge. This trending video is not only delicious, it’s popular too. Kick back and enjoy this pizza themed walk down movie memory lane.

True Facts About The Seahorse

Each video in the “True Facts About” series by comedian zefrank is an internet gem, including this one on the sea horse. You’ll find dry humor, an overly serious narrator and some classic animal footage. This meme is a great one and it’s no wonder it has more than a million views and counting.

Gollum Sings I Dreamed a Dream

Lord of the Rings fans, this meme is for you. Close your eyes for a minute and image Gollum serenading you with the song, “I Dreamed a Dream”. But, don’t keep your eyes closed for too long, some of the facial expressions the singer makes are too “precious” to be missed.

Get your meme fix with these hilarious clips today. And when you’re done, grab your camera and try to make one of your own. Who knows, your video might be the next big thing on the internet.

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