Whether its a baby animal learning to walk or a bear taking a drink, animal videos remind us of the many similarities we share with our feathery and furry neighbors. They are cute, funny and always entertaining.

Another perk: these videos tend to be family friendly which means they are safe to watch with the entire family, including the kiddos. So grab your family and check out these funny animal themed clips – and then try to make your own YouTube video with muvee Reveal X.

Elephant Sneeze

A baby elephant is pretty cute, but when one is startled by a sneeze, it’s even more adorable. A classic moment like this is the perfect reason to buy video editing software and share a funny clip with the world. This video already has close to an impressive 13 million views, but it’s so cute, we’re sure it will get many more.

Bear Drinking from Pool

What better way to beat the summer’s heat than to sneak a drink from a nearby pool. This adorable bear doesn’t stop with a sip of water though, it also takes a toy out of the pool.

Sneaky Raccoon

I guess this sneaky raccoon wanted to redecorate. He climbs through the doggy door, grabs the rug and sneaks back out. Who knows what this little kleptomaniac will take next… maybe he’ll be back for the sofa.

Cheeky Chipmunk

This adorable little critter certainly loves his peanuts. The silly chipmunk stuffs his cheeks full of his favorite treat, but fitting in a giant peanut isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Pug in the Mirror

Seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time can be pretty confusing, as shown by this feisty little pug. You’ll certainly laugh as you watch this adorable little puppy jump and growl and chase himself in the mirror.

Aren’t these animals hilarious? You’ve enjoyed the clips; now make some of your own. It’s easy to make a YouTube video with muvee RevealX.

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