Using a movie making software to create awesome YouTube videos

What is it about making an awesome YouTube video that captures attention and causes a trend to spread so quickly? Is it great dance moves? Hilarious animals? Or something else entirely? We may never be sure, but one thing we do know is that great memes are always worth watching. Check out these recent bits of video gold for yourself.

9 Putts 1 Hole

This video posted by the PGA Golf Management Program at Campbell University is certainly impressive. Nine different golfers successfully putt into one hole at the same time. This video turns the single person sport of golf into a whole new team challenge.

Most Cans Opened in 3 Seconds

Some video memes are a success and others document failure in a big way. Check out this video of a world record gone wrong. Perhaps part of this video’s popularity comes from the reminder that we all make mistakes. In just a week it has amassed nearly 30,000 views with more surely to come.

Goats Yelling Like Humans

If you enjoyed last summer’s viral video hit of a sheep that screamed like a human then you’ll certainly love these new goat video memes.  In its first week on YouTube this compilation video gathered more than 5 million views and considering its still being shared all over social media, this number should continue to skyrocket.

Harlem Shake

No post about current memes would be complete without mentioning the Harlem Shake. This meme has certainly gone viral and in a big way. We especially enjoyed this underwater version created by the University of Georgia’s Swim and Dive team.

When it comes to the Harlem Shake you can’t share just one video. This one that features a washing machine is another great example of this popular meme.

A great meme video like each of these leaves you wanting to click the replay button one more time. What will the next big trend be? Dancing llamas? Kids playing hopscotch? We’re excited to see!

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