Cool amateur movie making tips

We’ve found some more amazing blogs with cool movie making tips and we had to share. After all isn’t that the point of a great video? It captures your attention, entertains and begs to be shared. These bloggers know the power of video and once you start creating and sharing video of your own, you will too. Enjoy!

ILL Doctrine

If you love hip-hop (and even if you don’t) this blog is a must visit. Ill Doctrine is an entertaining video blog that focuses on all things hip-hop with a smattering of current events. The vlogger Michael has a clear voice and a unique perspective on life. Check out this great introspective video about battling the voices inside your head.

Brandon Bloch

Brandon Bloch is a professional video creator that has created content for some big name companies including Ford and the United States Postal Service. His videos are stunning and he showcases many of his latest creations on his website. Check out this stunning video and if you like what you see, head to his site and see some of the rest. His work is truly inspirational and shows just how beautiful well done video can be.

Barely Legal Skateboarding Blog

Video can be a powerful tool for highlighting skills and talents as Barely Legal Skateboarding shows. They use video to showcase some amazing talent that can be appreciated by skateboarders and the non-athletic alike. This video tutorial combines helpful tips with some simple videography and is a great example of an effective marketing video any one could make.

Each of these blogs benefits greatly from the addition of video. If you have a great blog already video will take it to the next level and if your blog is struggling, video can help draw traffic and build your credibility.

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