Pranks with video editing software

April Fool’s Day is every prankster’s favorite holiday. Even if you haven’t planned a big prank this year, we’ve found some hilarious videos to help you get in on the pranking action. And if you do plan a few tricks of your own, take your camera along with you. Our video editing software will help you create some YouTube hilarity of your own to share.

Spider in the Drive Thru

This prank is a quick and easy one that anyone can do. Simply go through the drive thru, order your favorite treat and once you have your order tell the cashier that they have a spider on their shirt. If you don’t have time to hit the drive thru, just tell the next person you see. Fake spider pranks can be hilarious!

Singing at Costco

This hidden camera prank is perfect for music lovers. The prankster heads to Costco where they talk with strangers using only song lyrics. I love the reactions people have and would love to try this prank myself sometime.

Broken Car Door Prank

Helpful strangers are in for quite the surprise when they try to open the door to this car. What are you supposed to say after breaking someone’s car? Oops maybe? I’ll help you fix it?

Yummy Dog Poop Prank

In this funny video a young boy pranks his mom by eating fake dog poop off his shoe. Sometimes the yuck factor is just what you need for the perfect prank.

Justin Bieber Prank

Even celebrities can get in on the fun of a good prank. This funny video shows Justin Bieber surprising his unsuspecting fans. What could be funnier than very surprised and overly excited teenage girls?

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