Santa-induced tears make for great videos

Something about Santa makes babies cry. Is it his red fuzzy suit? His long white beard? Until babies start talking, the world may never know. Nevertheless, we still think it’s hilarious. Check out these bawling babies as they meet the jolly man from the North Pole for the very first time.

Baby Cries with Santa

Good thing Santa has a big chair. This little dude is having nothing to do with the big guy, unless Momma sits down next to Santa too. This video is short, sweet and adorably delightful.

Cautious… Then Tears

This video starts off promising. Maybe this baby will enjoy her visit to Santa this year. Don’t worry, the waterworks are coming. About halfway through baby bursts into tears. We think the intertitles used throughout the clip and the photos at the end make this Santa video one of the best.

I’m Very Nice

Reassuring Santa tries to comfort a little one with his promise, “I’m very nice”, but baby isn’t buying it. This little one cries, screams and desperately tries to avoid a trip to Santa’s lap. Doesn’t he know that Santa brings Christmastime cheer and presents too?

Funny Face

The face this toddler makes when faced with Santa is priceless. I bet Mom is glad she had her camera handy on this trip to the mall.

Santa and Crying Baby Music Video

If you still don’t have your fill of crying babies, enjoy this cute music video featuring a mechanical Santa and a bawling baby. A video like this one is a cute way to say “Happy Holidays” to friends, business associates and others around the globe.

May you have a wonderful holiday season filled with tasty treats, favorite relatives and your own Santa crying experiences, of course. Take your video camera along as you head to your Christmas celebrations this year and see what special moments you can capture. We can’t wait to see what Christmas muvees you create using our video editing software!

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