The ultimate use of video maker software: vacuuming pets videos

Vacuums are for carpets, rugs and surprisingly even pets. These funny animal videos will certainly put you in the cleaning spirit (or at the very least bring you a laugh) as you watch loving pet owners clean their furry little friends.

As you can see, people vacuuming animals is hilarious and if you want to get in on the action, grab your vacuum and video camera and get to work. Our video maker software will help you turn your raw footage into a YouTube ready movie that you can show to the world.

This Cat Loves the Vacuum

Some cats hate the vacuum, but not this one. Apparently this is one of his preferred grooming methods. The great thing about vacuuming your cat? Less hair to vacuum off of your couch later. Let’s call it preventative maintenance.

Corgi Gets Vacuumed

Some dogs play dead, other dogs get vacuumed. This cute corgi must endure a vacuum treatment before he can come into the house. From the looks of it though, he doesn’t mind a bit. Who would have thought that you could get more than a million views from a simple video of a dog getting vacuumed?

Vacuuming the Poodle

Toy poodles are adorable at any time, but in my opinion they are even cuter when getting vacuumed. My favorite part of the video is when the vacuuming is done and this cute little doggie shakes itself off and gets back to playing. Being a dog always looks so fun.

Vacuum Kitty

What’s better than a belly rub to this cute kitty? Why a belly vacuum of course. Who needs the spa when a free home treatment can bring this much joy?

Bunny Gets Vacuumed

Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals getting in on the vacuuming fun. This YouTube video shows a fury white rabbit getting the same special treatment.

When you don’t want to tackle that housework, take a break and enjoy these great vacuuming videos instead!

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