What makes a popular YouTube video? It's not just video editing software

Dancing dogs, playful pigs and silly skunks: nothing beats a good animal video. To bring you some laughs and inspiration today we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

Check them out and then grab that camera and your best friend Fido and get started making funny animal videos of your own. Muvee’s movie making software will make editing and posting to YouTube easy.

Who knows… we might just feature your great muvee here on one of our next round-up posts.

Merengue Dog

This dog certainly can dance. In fact she might just dance better than I can. Watch as this genius dog does a full choreographed dance, complete with costume. At more than 14 million views and counting, you know this animal video is a great one.

Kitty GaGa

Like Lady GaGa? Then you’ll love Kittty GaGa. Watch as two cats star in their own Lady GaGa inspired music video. I’m sure you’ll agree this hilarious video is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Pet Weddings!

This isn’t your typical wedding video montage. This one features pets from cats to dogs and even ducks. The pictures are all adorable and some might even elicit a chuckle or two.

Turkey Soccer

These turkeys might be the world’s next big soccer stars. Watch and cheer them on as they kick, chase and carry the ball around.

We hope you enjoy this collection of crazy critters. What funny animal videos are you going to make with your movie making software?

Learn more about our movie making software and create funny pet videos of your own!

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