Video creator mashups: James Bond fights himself

When it comes to hardcore, few can compete with James Bond. Why not watch him fight himself? A few clever video creators have made this dream a reality by combining classic Bond clips in a video creator for some action packed Bond fights.

Will your favorite Bond win? Watch and find out.

Pierce Brosnan v. Daniel Craig

In this clever mashup watch as the two most recent James Bonds fight it out. Pick your favorite and root for them throughout the video and see if yours will win. The quality of this video is really good. Many of the scenes blend together flawlessly, even though they come from completely different movies.

If you love James Bond, especially the most recent ones, you’ll love this one of a kind video.

Bond v. Bond (Round 3)

This great mashup is part of a series. You watch the previous versions here and here. In this video the Bonds of the past endure a boat fight to the bitter end. You’ll see chasing, jumping, exploding and more as we see which Bond proves victorious.

James Bond Movie Deathmatch

All 6 Bonds of the past come together to see which one is the toughest in this video. If you’re a James Bond fan you’ll love the walk down memory lane as you watch your favorite characters and clips from your favorite scenes. Why not use our movie creator to create your own tribute to James Bond?

Action, adventure and some great explosions are my favorite parts of the James Bond series and in these videos you’ll find all that and more.

Did your favorite Bond win the fight? If not, you can settle the score by creating a Bond themed movie of your own using our music video creator and your creativity.

Good luck!

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