Video - A window to the world

Video makes the world seem smaller. Yes, it can help us to share family memories and happy moments, but it has the potential to do so much more. Video can open our eyes to the struggles and hardships of others helping to educate the world about wars, political strife, and human suffering. Right now the situations in the Ukraine and Venezuela come to mind, but video is a medium with potential in many different political climates.

Life One Second at a Time

While war and contention takes its toll on all, it can be especially difficult for the children. This second a day video takes the viewer on a heartbreaking journey through the life of a little girl. Watch as a vibrant and spirited young girl transforms from the changes in her world. The news might share snippets of what’s going on, but this video really helps us to understand how the situation is impacting the real people involved.

Venezuela Exposed

With nearly 3 million views in about a month’s time, this video showcasing the struggles of Venezuelan citizens paints a dramatic picture of the protests that have been rocking the country and still continue. This video, made a student filmmaker, changed the world’s perceptions of the events, bringing them to worldwide attention.  The video has some disturbing images, but the message is an important one.

Can video change the world? I think these two stunning examples shows us that video can play an important role in exposing the difficult circumstances that plague the world.

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