A whole lot of video in just 6 seconds

Forget 140 characters, 6 seconds can tell a lot of story if you do it with video. Have you tried Vine? This innovative app from Twitter allows users to make and share short looping videos. Vine has taken off since its introduction reminding us that short is certainly sweet.

You can create video magic in just a few short seconds. Check out some of these great Vine videos for inspiration. Don’t worry at just 6 seconds each, you have plenty of time to enjoy them all.

Adorable Hedgehog

I like a good cat video just as much as the next person, but after this adorable video I’ve decided a hedgehog video always wins. Watch as these adorable critters frolic and play.

Stranded on a Lego Submarine

This clever Vine video takes the short film to a whole new level. What would you do if you were trapped on a Lego submarine? This series of videos is well worth a watch!

Mystery Lover

Are you a bookworm? Whether you love to read or hate it, this video is a delightful watch. The animation is stunning. I wonder how they were able to achieve some of the effects.

Floating Away

Six seconds is definitely enough time to travel to a far off land. I love how this video transports viewers high above the earth. It’s like being there without ever having to leave your computer.

Vine Compilations

If you can’t get enough of Vine videos, search out a few Vine compilations on YouTube. These compilations use video editing software to mash up some of the best Vine videos around. If a Vine video is a taste, then these compilations are an all you can eat buffet.

What will you do with Vine?

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