How baby animals can inspire productivity

Do you love your cat? Why not become an internet filmmaker and show the world your adorable little kitty by making YouTube videos? Your cat could be the next big star; use muvee’s video creator to create some funny cat videos of your own.

You might think there isn’t a market for cat themed home movies, but the fame of Maru the Cat quickly proves that not only is there a market, there is a big one – the publisher of Maru the Cat videos just happens to be YouTube’s top video creator.

Mugomogo, the screen name for the creator of the Maru videos boasts more than 183 million video views.

Why is Maru the Cat So Popular?

Maru the Cat quickly rose in popularity after the first videos started appearing on YouTube. This classic kitty has been mentioned in both Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times. At first glance each video appears to be nothing more than a home video of a regular cat, doing regular things.

If you don’t believe me, check out this video of Maru getting its nails clipped. They might not be as exciting as the music video you made with your music video maker, but they are certainly popular.

Although the videos are simple, they are carefully edited. Mugomogo plans each shot before the video is made. Each video is highly focused, showing one particular action (playing with a box for example) at a time. The videos are short enough to hold the viewer’s attention and filled with movement and action in every shot.

You can also tell that movie creator software is used based on the transitions from shot to shot. The transitions help each video to maintain flow and allow Mugomogo to edit out bits that are not as entertaining.

Finally the perspective used enhances the comedic aspects of the Maru the Cat videos. For example in this video entitled Autumn Sky and Maru, there is one scene where the cat climbs up on an elaborate cat tower in the backyard.

While Maru climbs the filmmaker holds the camera low to make the tower appear large and looming. Once Maru reaches its destination the filmmaker changes perspective to highlight the regal nature of the cat. The seriousness of the shot combines with the comical expressions of the cat to create a video that is both funny and poignant.

If you have a cat and a camera, you can start creating beloved videos like these Maru the Cat videos. Maybe you can put your own twist on them by using our music video creator to make a musical version or using a different animal, say your pet skunk.

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