Bloggers as video creators

If you want to become an internet personality, stop waiting for your big break and create it yourself. Start a vlog. All you need for a successful vlog is a video camera, a video editing program, and some time and opinions to share. Many vloggers have gotten their start on YouTube and have built impressive followings of devoted fans.

Check out these 5 successful YouTube vloggers for inspiration and then get started making one of your own. muvee RevealX, one of the best video editing programs available, will help you create killer content that’s ready to share with the world.


The VlogBrothers are certainly popular – they really know how to use a movie maker program. Their YouTube channel has more than 750,000 subscribers. Why do fans return again and again? Their tagline says it all. They are, “Raising nerdy to the power of awesome.” Their videos are a combination of thoughtful content, hilarious phrasing and super-fast talking that any nerd can relate to. This video from the VlogBrothers is especially funny. It’s set in an airport and it discusses a phenomenon we are all too familiar with “Existential Airport Anxiety.”

The Nive Nulls

The struggles of marriage, the joys of a new baby: the Nive Nulls take movie making to a new level, and share their family’s journey every step of the way. One of the reasons these vloggers have gotten more than a million video views is their candid honesty. It’s refreshing to watch regular people doing regular things. Any pregnant woman will be able to relate to this video “Walmart Cart Rides!!!” of a very pregnant lady riding in the motorized shopping cart.

Jenna Marbles Vlog

Jenna shares her thoughts on life, love, makeup and her adorable pets on her vlog. On a recent vlog she shares the experience of her dogs after a trip to the dentist. Check it out!

Lia Marie Johnson

Lia’s vlog appeals to young teen girls as it talks school, boys and celebrity crushes, and is a great example of skillful use of movie maker programs. This episode made with her good pal William showcases the fun day the two spent together.

Grab your camera and start shooting a vlog of your own. Your unique style and personality will shine through each video you make using your movie maker. Your life is more interesting than you know; show it off!

Get started making a vlog of your own with muvee’s video editing programs.

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